February 14th, 2005


late night (totally excited through the exhaustion) (archive night) (in love with...)

So, tonight i archived my journal
it was just over a year ago i started using this thing
and i'm pretty happy with it

and pretty happy with the archiving software!


Turns your journal into a PDF Book.

LJBook (gads_ljbook)

if you're in the mood to have your entire journal on your HD
run it through here
and then kick them a few bucks through the pay-pal



i seem to have fallen in love with a new band
"Arcade Fire"

canadian, apparently

while i was in Pheonix (Tempe) staying with my old friend cachondo
he was playing this over and over again
kicked me over a copy
so i'll have to kick the band some money sometime soon
coz i've had it on repeat all day
and most of yesterday

well, some of it.

it's really late again
i'll be going to sleep about the same time i did last night

cleaned the house a BIT today
had a good day
the mist is surrounding the house again
made aduki bean stew
yawning heavily
appreciating the attention
appreciating the people i love
loving people
feeling pretty good
but tired
and crazy
like myself


(oh, the new user pic is from "Grill"-- a 24 resturant/diner in down town Tucson... i used to inhabit it all the time... while i was at Fiesta i went there to get my customary photobooth pics-- i may convert some other strips to .gifs too --- ah, the possibilities are always blossoming)
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    Rebellion (Lies)-The Arcade Fire-Funeral