January 8th, 2005

maybe i'm a faery

babies falling

forever obsessed with this album:


Where the workers stand in querulous rows
- awaiting dislocation
I will be there too.

When you're cashing in your food stamps
When you're sleeping in a cattle train
I'll be with you

Pushing up against the ticket counter window
- face against the glass
Bleeding from the waist
- and kissing to be chaste.

It is said that those who will not rest have been cursed
To tramp like soldiers through the marshes
Or that blessed are the ones who leave the stage
Like babies falling fast asleep
So I twice am cursed and twice am stuck
Affixed to this corner of the earth.

That old river keeps on rolling but the old man doesn't see it,
He just stands there with his eyes closed
"where'd you go?"
- "where'd you go?"

So wherever you may sleep tonight,
Be it bed or bedrock, home, or open field:
When you're breathing slows and your eyes are closed
and you begin to yield,
then, whatever you have taken as your pillow,
May it serve as mine as well.

Underneath the weeping willow
I will wait for you forever,
My eyes forever closed,
"where'd you go?"
- "where'd you go?"


is it wrong that i want a lover to sing this to me?
that that would be the ultimate comfort?
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    Babies Falling-The Magnetic Fields-Distant Plastic Trees
out of the forest into the fire

where i'll be

for those of you who may wonder
i'm heading down to LA in a few hours
and will be there as long as it takes me to get to Tucson
(i'd like to get there monday or before (new moon)
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    stay out of trouble - Kings of Convenience
out of the forest into the fire

"and then it all went wrong"

worked fine
got out of the house on time
but for the diarreah

was it eating the cold lasagna?
the pecan pie?
the plastic melted in fudge i fixed up?

long ride down
the grapevine covered in snow

and the three people who said i could stay with them
all backed out

i called everyone i knew
no go

and of course eli will not let me stay there
old friends...

i'm sitting in an internet cafe
looking for a place to sleep tonight

coral sands?
i need some sleep
i'm sure i'll find something

so it goes.
into everyone's life a little rain must fall


yesterday was wonderful
today is its antipode
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    hit on abbey road -- compulsion