January 4th, 2005

wiped out

quizes, oh no!

is this what i get for staying up so late?
i was going to write about what i've been doing for the last few days
i wrote to lots of other people at length
had conversations
and cleaned the house
so now it's nearly 3am
and i'm going to go to bed now

but for the last few hours
i've been trying to shut down my computer
and had about 8 LJ windows open
so i've been learning a little bit more about my "friends"

upon checking in on devanand_tree / Danny, the kidd who got me started on this crazy LJ thing
i saw his last posting was a Quiz thing
which i never do
but it was funny
and reminded me of my good times in NYC with my Television addicted friends
(just kidding)

i laughed, thinking of Danny as Meatwad
and went off to do it myself...

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