December 22nd, 2004

wiped out

it was just a dream i had...

i've not been sleeping well (with Leo) for the last few weeks
it's been getting progresively worse

i broke the french-press i use to make my complex herbal teas in
Leo got me a replacement last time we were in SF (last week)
we stayed up all of the solstice night (kinda)
as i did the night before
so i was totally sleep deprived
and made a tea to help me sleep really well
but there were things in it also to nourish my nerves
and, though restful, often enlightens dreams (mugwort)

we went to sleep shortly after 11 last night
(after watching episodes 1&2 of "Tales of the City")
and i woke only hours later with the candels still burning
i surfaced from a dream i don't now remember
thinking i'd never get back to sleep
and when i did
it wasn't the most restful sleep
but very vivid:

Collapse )

i woke with Leo bumbling up the stairs
handing me to phone
with the lady from the passport office
explaing the deal with my passport:
good til 2013

... if we are.