December 10th, 2004

blown out

german farmers

oh, one more thing to say

did i say this before?


i'll go into it a bit more.

When i was Europe in 2002
the sex was pretty amazing
like a more ideal version of what i experienced in the bath house in portland in 1999
so so so easy to have sex
where is the love?

A guy i had met in the bars and had long conversations with
but no sex
he was a Witch by the name of Joe
always in full biker leathers
long hair, trimmed beard
great mind and pretty good heart

when i came back to amsterdam after travelling round europe for most of the year
he introduced me to his friends at his going away party (moving back to Germany)
"the light in the darkness of gay culture"

which i thought was sweet
i blushed
and felt bad at having givin up loving
(don't worry folks, he always come back for more)

i only fell in love Twice in Europe
and both times were with German Farmers.

One was Bavarian
he'd sent me emails for a few years, i think, before i ever met him
and all the pictures he'd shown me were Black and White

when he walked up to me on the street in Cologne during Carnival and said
"everyone's in costume... but i bet you dress like this all the time"
i didn't recognize him
coz he had the brightest red of perfect mustache
bright eyes
i was kinda speechless
and then he introduced himself

it was months later before i lay down in bed with him
and our sex... our love making
was just rolling around on top of eachother
Frottage, as it's called
but so into eachother
oh, some sucking cock
but mostly just mouth
so deep
hearts pounding together
the most precious thing
besides his beautiful body
was his smell
his flavour...

He grew up on a farm
and ran away shortly after his mother died at the age of 15

when he left the farm
he was shocked by the world...
He had never Bough Food nor Clothing
and he found the Clothing and the Food both Terrible
food had no flavour
clothes had no life
everything dead.

he got involved in some company
put on suits
moved up the ranks
made lots of money
and got sick of it during his saturn return
and basically has worked as little as possible since
but living in cities:
it's too hard to be a farmer and be gay
and he doesn't want to give up loving men...
so he works out
coz only when he's using his body
is he happy

and he uses his body
and he buys organic
and his body smells clean
what can you say?
the pure heat and health of a man
so hot
i melted
my heart broke with him Daily
"oh, dominic, i can't do this.. i don't want to lose my boyfriend..."
he was a Taurus, like Leo, and their boy friends both had the same name

every day he'd break it off
and every night we'd be in love

it was love
it was such love
my body loved his body
the fit
the heat
the taste...

like the swiss-german farmer i met outside of Berne

He came in to meet me at a sauna
he spoke nearly no english
and i spoke even closer to no swiss-german

but upon seeing eachother
grins spread across our faces
and lit up the room
we gravitated and crashed together with glee
and spent a few hours in and out of eachother
ravenously, playfully, seriously, lovingly
the feelings were total
my dreams soared with going to live and work on his farm

a few days later
using language translators and a java chat program
he explained that he had a wife
and i could not go visit him on his farm

the only reason he had a city life at all
was that he was a part-time elevator repair man...

this guy who came last night
he was of Prussian decent
grew up in south Dakota
his father was a farmer
his whole family, back in deutschland
were farmers

'do you work out'
-he laughs

his body so taught and strong
the taste and smell
his balls smelled like musk
not cheese or crotch rot or piss
his skin tasted devine
the sweat
the sweet pheramones lightning down my tongue

i grabbed his huge shoulders in my hands and massaged him
i places my arms around his sturdy frame a thousand different ways
we lay together and breathed
rising and falling with eachother

we synched
we fit together so well

he stuttered out his appreciation
his body speaking more fluently to me
"it's so nice to find someone who likes to do this"

a few different positions in the night
i thought, before and after sleep, of the conversations where i was glad to have his as a friend
and would invite him up here time after time
and look forward to seeing him every week

but in the morning
he was out like a shot
with only half-hearted explinations
"cell phone's dead... gotta feed the dogs.. laundry.."

"i haven't slept that good in a long time..."

he turned
and looked at me
"you look so cute wraped up like that..."

smile on his face made of earth

grabbed his bag
and walked out the door
shutting it snug behind him

to do it again
another time.
through the trees

dream i had with Rudi

i had dreams with him one night

we were visiting a town as tourists
old lovers
rollercoaster ride
old mining carts

upon entering the shaft
the head room was a tight fit
we had to duck in order to not have our heads cut off

it was steele girders
a bridge?
a tunnel?
we came out from underground, yes
and Leo was next to me
we were staring at a cute kid up in the car ahead of us
Leo said
"look at that beautiful boy"
i could see: beautiful

we got out of the cars when the ride stopped
and i chased after the kid to find out who it was
She turned around and looked at me
and i was in rage
and started floating off the ground
the crowd of tourists
looked up
i yelled down at the them


and flew off
blown out


love as a sexual fetish

i was interrupted in the middle of writing the piece on German Farmers

a man called who wants to meet me

apparently i have an excellent phone voice
lately i've had people who want to meet me
massage clients or play partners
calling again and again
just to hear my voice

my visitor earlier this week said he would get hard and swoon every time he heard me on the phone... especially when i was talking to my mother

so this guy calls me again
just talk

i was in the middle of writing
and feeling very explanitory
i feel into explaining
yet again
my experience with Europe
and i got into such great detail!!
gay culture will cease to exist when it is no longer necessary
like all sub-cultures
they form sharp and strong
like the head of an arrow
to pierce the armour
but then
why are they still needed?

they are only clung to by those who are fragmented
and can not move on to being whole people

Those in europe...
most queers aren't queer
they're normal people
just doing whatever it is that people do
... most often taking care of aesthetics and culture
as faggots have always done
but no longer making much of an issue about it...

but those in the saunas and bars
they will be there every night
well... part of them.

that broken part of them will make love to your boot
your stinky feet
your shitty ass
your thick cheesy cock
your leather-clad legs, chest, shoulders
they will make love to your nipples
and though so near
always miss your heart
as accurate as a surgeon

experienced compartmentalized to get the fix
without letting the stream of life wash the whole

on the phone
i said to him

' i guess my fetish is love... intimacy... '
i fake it
it's not really fake
but in the moment
it's so real

i pretend the deepest love
that's what gets me off

praying for their immortal souls
worshiping their finite bodies with eternity
desperately giving all i have to them
receiving all they are

with the deepest of love and emotion
with safety
tomorrow i won't hear from them for months
and the yearning is just another part of the prize


today i was presented with a challenge

i came to a deeper understanding of this whole Seattle journey
when, writing to a friend in Prague, i realized i had no intention of actually staying and living in Seattle
i've been making plans for months to head to Europe in the summer
and visit old friends
then head south for new amusements

Prague, Greece, Turkey, Iran? India.

what trick am i pulling?

Leo: i'm terrified of the Real intimacy presented there
all the "i love you"s throw me into a catatonic confusion

i jumped at this dream and suggestion as yet another Out

that being said
i have good reasons for not wanting to Commit to him
it's true: he does not satiate me in the ways i need from my Lover
nor does the Hermitage
though i love it here and Him
i'm growing
and i need more flow

something else

and the continuing of this journey
the more i need to taste and hear and learn to speak

back and forth, boy
here. now.

i don't want to hold your heart in my hands
i want to caress it
kiss it
and it's whole beautiful carcass
but not to own...

i wrote an email to my friend Michael up in Seattle
and assuring them that i did still want to visit, but did not want to commit to Commiting... that it must be taken in hand as it comes..

he called me and we talked
and he surprised me
he Challenged me

if you are close to me
either from reading All of these words
or knowing me and being with me
you will hear me talk of my interest and desire in Monogamy as a new experience for me

Michael asked me if i would be willing to Take the Test and if we both are on the same side of the coin
to be monogamous while i am with him

well yes, wow
how exciting
so many new facets to explore

i was genuinely excited
and upon hanging up the phone after the hour long conversation
i sat and asked myself about it...

what about all the hot guys in Seattle and Vancouver that have been asking for my visit?
what about all those that i can find...
by trolling the park
surfing the net

what's more important
to keep up this compulsive pattern of sex
or put a wrench in it
not by abstinence
but by steady loving


A Challenge

Spring time: great time for a Challenge.


Thank you world
here we come.

about a boy

Ok ok ok
now wait a second

i don't want any of you to think that i'm an advocate of coupling up
that's not what i was intending...

but we've all got to start somewhere, eh?

being that my fetish is Connection
and i'm a bit of a slut
my logical end is having a family of people i have sex with
well, make love with
it'd be really cool if there were 12 of us or something
not all of us would relate to eachother the same way
but having a few in there
you know
i've heard about this
i know it can work
i dream it can work, so it must.

i just watched a film called "About a Boy"
i only rented it because "Badly Drawn Boy" did the soundtrack
and i like his work...
and the novel was written by Nick Hornby, right?
it was kinda a crap romanic-comedy

good music anyway
and every story is some fragment of the truth, right?

great bits in it:

there's this 12 year old boy who's mother tries to Off herself one day
he comes to the realization
that he can't leave her alone
coz she might do it again
and then he'd be left alone:
there's always got to be someone watching
or someone for a back-up

film ends (happy) with a big mis-matched family over for christmas
of single-parents and punk kid and hippy telephone operator
Great, huh?

but the whole idea of it is a good message
especially how the story weaves in this cocky british guy explaining up and down how he needs no one
he's got his life filled up with meaningless activities

it's fun to see him get caught in a trap he's created
and is forced to experience his feelings

so the other bit that hit me was how he realizes that he's Nothing
and where that was always nice before
as soon as he met some he actually LIKES
finds her interesting... she spins his heart and leaves him feeling stupid and "in-love"
he realizes he has nothing to draw her into his life
coz he doesn't have a life
just watching TV and buying things

i, momentarily, was carried on that wave
but came off it pretty quick
realizing i DID have a life and interesting things in it

but even writing this right now
derails me a bit:

i had some anonymous guy comment on one of my postings while i was in NYC this October
and he made that very accusation: that i had no life

of course
got tipped off into my insecurities about it
i'd have to admit that he was pretty exacting about laying out my weaknesses
and shadowing all of my acheivments

and it only took a day or two to pass

which gets back to something in my heart
where i know it is a strong drive not only for me to have a life to Impress and Attract interesting people into my life
but to also then be able to share these things with them

i assume it's the same kinda drive my dad has to obtain things that look really materially impressive
big house, expensive car, etc...
just our different values

and this movie is kinda about that
a character making a shift from superficial material possesions to actually having a life based on human interraction and emotional gratification

all of this making a slight paper-cut on my finger when i think about my own difficulties with relationships

' i love you, keep your distance.. but hang around... i want a hug.. but not for too long . . . '

tired of being emotionally retarded
(is this where this was going? i guess so)
[yeah for journaling]

here i am on planet earth in the body of Dominic
and workin on it
(however feebly i am...)

i need to get a good script writer in here that will cast a scene like that for me, eh?

[actor or writer, boy, which one ya wanna be?]

-[can't we colaborate?]-