November 30th, 2004

blown out

i need to go to india

i used to be obsessed with a song...
[i'm always saying that]

called "A Reminder" by Radiohead
the lyrics:
if i get old
i will not give in
but if i do
remind me of this

remind me that
once i was free
once i was cool
once i was me

knock me out
smash out my brains
if i take a stance
and start to talk

if i get old
remind me of this
the way that we kissed
and i really meant it
and what happens
if we're still speaking?

hang up the phone
and play me this song.

i'm glad i haven't forgotten this song

i don't want to forget this tormented feeling
i don't ever want to forget this

i know i often say i do
elaborate rituals to remove it
but thankyou thank you thank you thank you
i want this thorn in my side forever
forever til i die

i know
i know
nothing isn't a good creation
but we need a GOOD rest when this is all over
and nothing is the most perfect rest.

what is this life
but preparation for the next?
no: be here now. NOW NOW NOW
and call all yr power
and make it the most amazing spectacle
the most amazing experience in the universe

damn: i need to go to india
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