November 28th, 2004

blown out

a bit about unhappiness

sometimes it's not so easy to know the root of WHY
but it's apparent that it's happening

i'm not happy

i'm doing ... something.

walked for about 6 miles today in the sunshine
the shade of the big redwoods
buried a road-kill possum
and disobeyed the No Tresspassing signs
to play in the trees

got no hitch home
just walked walked walked
yoga again for hours
dancing around

but still
it persists
i'm unhappy

forgive my pushyness, babe
my sad is bopping me around like a puppet
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today i watched...

"downtown 81"
a film of a day in the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat back in '81
-- Kid Creol and the Coconuts were in it!

and followed by
"Julien Donkey-Boy"

i really like some of Harmony Korine's stuff

i hated this movie