May 22nd, 2004


2003--- HERE WE COME!

so, i've just back-logued a little journal project i had in 2003

i met some guy on the internet who asked me
over and over and over
to make an on-line journal
and this was before i met devanand_tree
who introduced me to LiveJournal
and people had been asking me to do this for Years
so i just gave in
and did a few long email-y things sent out to an increasing list of friends
and then...
i stopped
don't remember why.

but i posted them HERE
so you can go see what i was doing last year
in bits
if you'd like...

the last two were just emails
one i sent to my brother
the other i sent to my frien Rick, who gave me the van i drove around in
and i thought they told the story rather well
so included them


(oh, and i'm not exactly sure how to link to those pages the best, that link will not always be accurate... but it will work for now...
if, in the future, it doesn't take you back to them, you can always click HERE . . . but if anyone knows a better way to do this... let me know... Thanks)
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