May 6th, 2004


reports from the field #1

i typed these things at the gathering
there was too much noise
it didn't work out
here ya go:

a friend asked me what i do in my day-to-day

that's difficult
every day
i'm somewhere else

what i do every day
is streatch
do yoga
feed myself somehow
often eating raw fruit
sometimes miso soup or kitchari (a curry)
i read
i write.

often, i sing to myself.

now, i'm going to cook with friends.

[hours later]

the day goes as it needs to
this is something i've been addressing:
should i MAKE things happen?
or go with the flow?
"only dead fish go with the flow"
really dumb fish fight it all the time
salmon only swim against it when they're going to breed
and die.

sex is always a powerful motivation, eh?

what did i do today?

let's back-track a bit.

i was still up at the hermitage
when he asked me this question
[when you asked me this question]

i was going stir-crazy
because i wasn't interracting with people
and that was only a few days

i need to learn the peace of solitude again
hermitage is a good place for it, eh?

yeah yeah.

[the next day]

what did i do today?

it's mid-day now
and by that
i mean
three o'clock
the sun is high
it is HOT here
i haven't done anything yet.

i woke up late
so many blankets
and the heat of the sun
but last night was cold

last night was the "know-talent show"


i typed out the lyrics to "gold for the price of silver" -- a song by Kings of Convience...:

if it takes control
of your body and soul

embrace it

if it makes you cry
or leave you wondering why

don't turn around: face it

but do turn cold
if they promise you gold

for the price of silver

if it's chemically made
by people you hate

pinch your arm and see if you're still there

everything you want is what i've got to give you
you just have to let yourself come with me now
everything you want is what i've got to give you
there's no time to hesitate
come with me now
let's go and watch the sunrise

let your heart
run along to the rhythm of your song
run along to the rhythm of your song...
run along...



i tryed typing some more...

I always think i have

like a gemini taurus trick

i always think

i have trust shit...


i thought i was so happy

then, later, i thought i was just not dealing with my problems

but it doesn't have to all be dealt with right now
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(no subject)

so, what's happened?

tonight is the last night

the first night i've cooked for myself
not the first night i've made myself tea, though...

i've given two massages
but i would say i haven't really had sex
this is kinda confusing

one guy
every time i touched him i got hard
but i didn't really find him physically or otherwise attractive
however: he was my "type"

so one day
when we kept passing and it kept happening that i'd get hard whenever i touched him
i decided to just do something about it
and there was very little kissing
no blow jobs or fucking
just some body touching
and he was very close to cumming quickly
and i worked him off with my hand
--- he came big white thick drops on the dark mossy ground
and, regardless, i was very turned on and orgasmed - but did not cum.

a few nights later
the eve of Beltane
i came back to the fire to warm up before heading to bed and jumped into the pit right next to another guy i had been seeing over and over again
-- now, in a gathering of 150 people
if i keep connecting with someone over and over again i notice it
he REALLY wasn't my type nor really attractive to me in any way
not repulsive or anything..
and a really really big dick
so i'm getting warm by the fire
and the closeness, the dancing
my cold hands graze his warm skin
and he says "that feels good"
so i start rubbing them all over him
knowing how good it must feel
and enjoying how it is warming my hands as well
and his huge cock is now hard in front of me
and it is the eve of beltane
and i have heard the be-moaning of how the gatherings have had less and less public sex
so... of course.. as community service
i suck his cock
... for 45 minutes.
but there wasn't really a Passion there
more a Play

where as the first
there was a Passion.. just not really Fun or Desire..

not whole
more experiments
not really making Love
not really Sex

but i woke up hearing the men in the forest cumming

i've masturbated in my tent a few times
in and out of sleep
and climbing into beautiful sunny spots

that's been pretty good
but on the other hand
i set up my computer in the bar to display pictures from last year's beltane at short mountain for other to see
but it showed me all the beautiful sex i had last year
(beltane is a sexual time, for those who don't know)
Eric... Goat... Clara... Robert.
Stupid me left Robert on there
who i just can't forget
especially being here on this land
where i cam right after i left him for the final time
still in arkansas...
i came here my first time
with him all over my body
with him in my blood
in my sweat
the sun would heat up my body and bring him out in me
i would have amazing sex magic with him out in the forest
out in the meadow with the sun loving us

that memory was here
but he was even less here
but for his face staring out of my screen
and the fact that now he won't even talk to me
- ohh, my brashness
and my sexual confusion

-- there were some beautiful boys that i enjoyed seeing here
sexually or not
but there were others that i just kept finding hot hot hot
thick and strong and babyish anyway
and another bearish one
and then some older viet-nam vet who was interesting in many ways
big thick grey fu-man-chu and long braided grey hair
thick beefy body
huge cock
very reserved energy
and telling me about the end of the world
coming soon
to a reality near you.

but nothing with him
nothing with any of them
the cute boys who find me sexy who i don't really want to have sex with
but love other ways
the cute beefy boys that i make no secrets about wanting to have sex with them
the bearish older guy that i am trying to play with all the time
and the people who stare at me with sexual yearning in their eyes

where am i right now that nothing touches me?
they don't reach inside and violate my boundaries at all
nor do i do that to them

thank you astrology, or whatever
it's nice
but also just strange

i'll sleep alone

what has happened?

after i was with the one man who came while i played with him
(the blow job around the fire never climaxed while i was there)
i went back about 20 minutes later
and looked at the path where his seamen had fallen
and ants had burrowed up from that very spot
ant-hole freshly open
the little pebbles of ant-dirt un-earthed

somehow they knew
the little earth-gnomes
came out to do their work

i didn't eat that precious fluid filled with someone's vital energy
but they were taking care of it

the big globules of cum surrounded by ants
in perfect rings
drinking it up


what has happened here?

in the heat of the days
i would walk around naked all the time
barefoot and naked mostly
and otherwise wearing the white-silken chasible i got from Leo's...

everyone called me jesus when they talked about me
some said it to me
which is not a rare occurrence, for all of you whom it occurs to

in the heat of the days

i would do yoga naked in the sun
or go down to the river
and jump in the cold water
but it was only in the last time that i jumped in
that the cold was not shocking
the last time
late in the day
when the sun was low enough for the trees to cash shade on the rocks that were usually the warmth i ran to after the rushing cold waters
now i knew that i would just be cold when i got out
so there was no fear... no rush
just jump in.. hang around, stay around...
wash me... wash me...

what has been happening?

on the way up here
Kwai and i stayed in Arcata a night
staying with Damon (nomaD)
who just moved into a new house
back yard: a red-wood forest

i did yoga on the old-growth stumps
Kwai took pictures..
i'll post some soon

but that doing yoga in the redwood forest got me SO high and SO grounded
the first four or five days of being here i just felt GOOD
everything was OK
i was very grounded
no fear
nothing got to me

but on May 1st (Beltane)
everyone was on mushrooms
i declined, centerdly
and all ov a sudden
noticed that i was useless
and un-able to connect with people

which wasn't true. of course
in fact
someone came up and thanked me for being someone they could ground with
for the most part
i just felt abstracted and isolated
the ritual seeming mostly hollow to me
so messy and ... not easy to believe..

[ when i first started all this Faery stuff... i could come into any belief system and just accept it.. so i could experience it... knowing that it was SOMEone's reality... so could visit it like a town or time or planet... and had myself.. my own reality to return to..-- i lost that ability, it seems, when i was last here at Wolf Creek: my 23rd birthday back in 2001-- when i cut off all my hair and tried to get to the truth of myself... who is a judgemental bastard.. it seems]

so, in my isolation
In My Solitude!
i wandered back to my tent
and noticed that No, i was not grounded
i did NOT feel good
and everything was NOT OK
everything that i was confused about and scared of
was still there
i had just moved on
or ignored it
or whatever
and being faced with it was just as
and hopeless as always
i looked at it a bit
rolled it around in my palm
gave up
and went to sleep.

that pretty much cut me off from feeling good the rest of the gathering
it's May 4th now
so that's been about four days of abstraction
i was still able to connect with people
but only in limping lame kinda way

and maybe that's just how i am now

maybe my intention for healing should be to be Whole
but isn't that what i'm always praying for?

does anyone else pray for things like this?

that's not what i'm doing
i'm telling you of my day-to-day

in my abstraction today
i stay on the internet for nearly two hours answering all my emails
and getting worked up over bears
mmmm, Sex
but none to be had!

still, i orgasmed at exactly 1:31 pm
when the sun was opposing the moon exactly
and prayed
wholeness and love

today has been lethargic
as have all the days
(yesterday? the day before?)
since people have been leaving...

it's like we all come together and share our energy
and then people leave and take that good energy with them to share with the world
like it's limited
it leaves me
feeling empty

i have been napping a lot
just sleeping
and when not sleeping
un-able to really do anything much

just laying around.

i finished reading "Sarah"
by JT LeRoy
perhaps i'll re-print for you the only second of the book i dog-eared.

i was shocked by the book
because it is his first book
and i had read his second before this
"The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things"
which was just one big painful horror show after the next of shot stories

"Sarah" was fun and playful
absurd and campy and intelligent and epic

well, all that i had read before arriving here at the gathering, that is

the last few days i finished it
and it turned sour
like the rest of the stories he wrote
still beautifully written
but with the moral:
sometimes you just don't fit anywhere and you have no one; not even yourself.


the morrissey song "ouiji board" was stuck in my head on Beltane
this lyric particular:
"... and i just can't find my place in this world"



and another ritual was meant to happen the eve of the Full Moon
but they just couldn't get their Shit together
and Pinn told me about a "Queer as Folk" episode where two of them go to a Faery gathering...
i was also tempted to go to the place where the TV and VCR were to see "Goat Boy and the Potatoe Chip Ritual"(sic)
coz i wanted to see Goat for this beltane...
but the tape was broken
and Queer as Folk was just as terrible as i remember it

that is, i had only ever seen one episode before
and it offended me so much i decided i never needed to watch another

Yes, portray fags as stupid weak out of control queens addicted to drugs, diseases, dance clubs and fucking themeselves over as much as possible in their compeditive bitchy little retarded materialist worlds
(wipes the blood off my nails)
of course
i guess that's what main-stream TV watching culture is made of anyway
but why would anyone watch that shit?
much less faeries?
so these two faeries love QAF
so sit through two episodes of this shit
and it just makes me sad and angry
i missed the ritual
but apparently it was kinda a disaster anyway
i left the house after the TV was turned off
and walked back through the freezing grass barefoot
the moon so gorgeous
the fire nice and bekoning
i played drums a bit
sitting next to Spanky
a boy who i found So Beautiful
furry torso
nice and muscly, chubby too
blond fur
bright blue eyes
and a facial structure similar to a Simpson's charecter...
i'd been trying to get some physical intimacy with him for DAYS
and he puts his arm around me
drowsy eye'd
he'd been drinking and smoking
we cuddle a bit
i breathe deep
and our breaths converge at our hearts upwards
then settle down in our bellies
and it's nice
like we're old friends
and then we start talking
he makes some reference to
"you certainly don't need any help closing your circle... or opening your circle.."
and i don't understand
but i still feel that he doesn't want to cuddle naked with me
though i'm all confused about it
and to make matters worse
i'm turned on now
but there is no understood affirmation
perhaps i've just forgotten how to read west coast people?

i left and made my way back to the barn
made some tea
started copying music
and noticed i was exhausted
but there was tea to drink
and cake to eat
.. Chris walked in
[ a boy i met in P-Town last year who came out here and crashed in Ashland for the last 6 months.. i told him about this place a long time ago and hoped that he'd be here--- he is... was ]
told me there was even better cake out by the fire: with chocolate chips...
that, combined with the hopes i could talk Spanky into bed...
back to the fire
.. he was gone
the cake was good
i was so tired
but not in a way to sleep
perhaps i was just on a night cycle?
but i decided to retire anyway
and... slept alone

so today i was silly
like a child
just being annoying to everyone
and napping a lot
and giving a massage
and yelling at the bitches
stern, like a father
but trying to smile while i did it
i made miso soup
like a mother
wanted it to heal everyone

i ate chocolate
made cookies with Jericho

slept in a hammock
slept in the meadow

feeling abstract.

is it going to rain today?
it looks like it...
it's chilly...
moon is waning...
didn't rain

i will sleep alone again tonight
and i am pretty sure i am leaving tomorrow morning with Mugwort
Nova and Baby in the back seat

now what?
a week in the bay area
hopefully some friends and lovers
hopefully some good cuddlying
and some soft loving and comfort
hopefully some massage work and money making.

i don't know how the week will work out
or the rest of the month

i'll probably be back up here for the dance in June
my birthday
then old friends in Portland
as long as new ones...

then Rainbow gathering?
when will i get back to NYC?
and when will i stop travelling and just rest and home and write and rest and heal and create and love and GROUND?

a girl, Bridge, was going around yesterday with a deck of cards asking people to take one .. to have
i looked at the deck and just reached into the centre
my finger snaking between the stacks
and pulled out:
"the Journeyman"

doesn't look like i'll come to rest anytime soon
walking over the skull

maybe there is another who is the journeyman
who will come to me in my

"i pray -- dear Lord above... send back my love"
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that section from Sarah

After summer harvests start winding down, before the winter coal shipments pick up, business gets slow. Truckers take their vacations and get to know their families again. Sometimes I go days without a rig to climb into. I have enough credit for Stacey to keep me supplied, but I miss having my dates. The other boys always talk about having to get high to help them do and then forget their tricks. But I'm pathetically aware, now I get high to fill the time between tricks. Because, no matter how rough or though the trucker, that point of soundlessness, that instant before they are spent, is the sweetest contact anyone could ever have with anybody. I hold those moments --- the tobacco and grease-stained hand lovingly caressing my throat, the lips parted in silent ecstasy, kissing my forehead like a parent placing a good-night kiss --- I replay them in slow motion as if they took place with the prolonged consumed movements of someone running under water.

page 137
by JT Leroy
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flying on the ley lines

there is something precious in night driving
i'd forgotten

we got on the road at 5
it took a while
longer than i'd even imagined

the drive started in daylight, though
mugwort at the wheel
i couldn't keep my eyes open
i was exhausted
leaving the land

last night was hard
yeah, i slept alone
but that wasn't the problem
the deal was
i gave NDGo a massage
mostly energy work
and the whole evening seemed settled: ready for sleep
(at 11)

i'd made a nice dinner for myself
i was fed and fine and had done my work

but i walked back to the barn to... get my water?
something, i don't remember
and it was full of people
and dinner was happening
pasta with beef
and then it was hours before i slept again

i walked out to the fire when i was done with barnly things

there was all sorts of talking
there was drumming
i just wanted a warm up
but in moments i was dancing with Cobb
i was doing a circle dance with him
the energy was great
and i was naked so quickly
and then jumped on top of a huge log in the fire
and just walked over the whole pit balanced on it

i only had to fear for the fate of my leg hairs!
and the only hard part
was not breathing over the middle
where it was a vacuum...

the day was filled with lots of talk
that streatched into this now around the fire
about how these neo-pagan kids are abusing the energy
doing stupid rituals
evoking things they don't understand

well, Duh...

they called up a girl i know
and then there was all this talk about how she had possessed this boy
and there was all this fear conjured
not just that
but another boy i know
and his multiple personalities
i got all terrified feeling
there was so much fear being passed around
and then, in their neo-pagan-new-age-whatever
they would then refuse to talk about anything anymore
least give it more energy and proliferate it
so all conversations were left cut short
unless you were there in the beginning in an intergral role
which has its merit
but the rest of the conversation was fluff

we want real life!

i left the fire feeling scared

it pissed me off

i sat in the tent and had to meditate quite a while to dispell the fear
but going into my own light to dispell that darkness...
it was beautiful
and i found such power there
i slept very well

and then the day

bouncing back and forth...
wild strawberries
pointed out by the woman that took in my
Ex-boyfriend from portland
after he lost all his weight and his beard and was a meth-head and dealer
.. he didn't tell me that part of the story
and it made me so sad

but then, i knew not to put too much stock in him...

i love all the people in my life, though...

the sun was intermitant today
and i did my work in preparing to leave

posting ads on Craigslist for massage
as well as answering a few
and going through most of my emails and doing the same

saying good bye
seeing my sleeping friend and whispering in his ear
"i love you, good bye"

understanding some finishing touches

"well, we think you're beautiful and sexy AND we can have interesting conversations with you--- you're leaving too soon"

but i think it's time to come home
"pull in my string, like a kite that's flown too high"

i took the wheel as we were leaving ashland
and it didn't take too long
before i was just flying
centring my energy as i used to do on my long drives
doing root-chakra yoga work
and qi-gung with my crystal balls
then just with my open hands
getting really High
listening to african music... from tanzania...
listening to the 3rd and 4th piano concertos by Beethoven
then Bjork's Family Tree

i flew through the night
watching the moon rise and greet me and cast moon-bows...

preceeding that was the sunset and the gloaming comming on as i approached and passed Shasta:
a snow man imp sprite jumping down the rocky face
persuing another Kokopelli

everything flew by
and it didn't seem long at all

we had decided to switch drivers when we were close to the city
Mugwort knew his way: i didn't

a rest-stop in Vallejo

i pissed for about three minutes--
built-up yerba mate
and all that energy work
my piss was frothy...
as i washed my hands
a beautiful black man came in
we smiled at eachother
and the vibration swam between us

there was a great connections
and his smell was intoxicating
but i told him i wanted to be naked in a bed with him
so got his number and told him i'd see him later

the view was beautiful
hill-top, that is

everything looks better from far away
or at least ugly things do
at night
in the dark
when they are lit up
like stars that got drunk and crashed to the floor
forgetting their origins
and making do with dancing like that
so stationary

but i'm here now
there'll be some music trading tomorrow
and there'll be some sleeping now
for the week will open up
work and friends and more learning about love

then home again

before then?

i encourage you to ask questions
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