February 2nd, 2004


"taking time to make time"

Hello Everyone
Mother and I at the internet café now, wanting to send a little note...

mother here:

Dear Larry, Louis and Kari:

it is incredible here.
we are having such a wonderful time
miracles happen every day
wish you were all here

love and blessings

Ok, now i will write a little story of today.

i wrote a story of yesterday
but on a computer that locked up before i got to send it
so you don't get to read it

sorry, maybe later

my favourite part, though
was while mother and i were in the taxi on the long ride back from Brasilia
i fell asleep with my head in her lap

after we got back
we had some green coconuts
with the most meat and juice in a coconut i have ever seen!
the both of us!
we shared Maté with Arthur
and dug into our cocos...
then i went out to write on the computer
and mom took a nap

the computer locked up, as i said
but at least i found a place i could charge my camera and connect to the computer so i could send you all pictures...
when the computers are working...

but until then...

i left the computer place/pizzaria
and came to dinner at the Pousada
just in time to leave
and head to the Dance...

Josie has been working with a group of native Brazilian Indiana
the Fulni-ô
they are a healer tribe
use the powers of nature to aid in the healing of any tribe
(even europeans...)

however, their native lands have been deforested
and they have been pushed off the land by the European decendants...
so they are all dying...
you know how us white folk treat the indigenous people of the lands we steal...
some of them have set up shop here to see if they can make some money selling their crafts in this incredibly healing environment
... they also do dances every weekend
becuase they love Josie so much
they decided to do some special dances last night that they have never performed before
(josie actually lived on a Navajo reservation for five years... she's very well-in with indigenous peoples)
so we went
it was amazing
and then the chief stayed to do blessings on all that wished it...
i gave his wife a 1-dollar coin with Sakajuwea on it...
for her little princess daughter...

today was the day of cleansing
we all went to the waterfall
and i did all my laundry...

mother went before me
because the women and men go down seperately
she hiked down with most of the other women
the drizzling rain quit just before they left
and she saw the Mother Mare and Foal i had seen two days previous
which of course she loved...
though she cannot put these things into words
just in awe...
in awe of all the beauty...

as they left the waterfall
the sky cleared
and the sun blazed through
they walked back in the heat of the sun
which got them all dry and warm...
then she took a nice nap

i, however, had taken a nap before she even left to go down
and was woken in a start by Arthur yelling
"DOMINIC, we're going to the waterfall!"

i stumbled out of the room
and into the taxi (i don't really know why we took a taxi, but we did)
and arrived at the waterfall still dreaming...

we met mother and the other ladies just as they were leaving..

it was beautiful as always
and maybe even more so
because there has been so much rain in the past few days
the flow was so much more intense
still, it was not cold to me
just very powerful

at this point i have become familiar with it
so i got further into the consciouness of being there

as before
i let it wash me thoroughly
but on the suggestion of Josie
after i felt myself washed
i let it fill me up with energy and love

this was amazing
this felt all sivery
this got me screaming and ohming and helling and dancing about..

and there were such beautiful clown plants!
as i waited for Rich to finish his douse
i noticed these big green Heart-shaped leaves
with pink and white spots on them...

and a butterfly flew by
it looked like a yellow bar with two big red balls on the end
when it landed and closed it's wings
just a small yellow V
it blended in with the trees..

so beautiful
and made my day...

when i got back
mom was napping

there is so much energy here
it is moving us and washing us and changing us
SO much movement we cannot keep up
we're often tired...

but i woke her up to go get some Acai (a-ss-i-ee)
and we met up with Nestor
the only other Openly gay guy i have met here
he's columbian
but lives in portland oregon now
he loved the fact that we could talk about sex and drugs and all of our feelings in front of mom and she wouldn't freak out

we took him to dinner with us at the Pousada
and HE fell in love with Josie as well
and told me all the guys he's been in love with here
we got to talk shop...
and then we all went out to get the world's best coconut cake

all agreed...
and we sat for over an hour telling all our favourite animal stories
all of our chickens
me and eggburt, and my mother in there
Nestor's pet hen
who he came home to eat for dinner one night as his dad's form of a pracical joke
how come insecure men find hurting people so funny?
went to go on line with mom...
and yet the computers there, at the other cafe, were still not working
so i am not able to post pictures yet...
when the time is right...

i am back at the one across from our Pousada
more expensive
but it works for now...
mom is back at the pousada
and i am finishing up for the evening...

counting my blessings
and making plans...

we'll see how it all works out...