November 27th, 2001



From: "momentarily on the wire" <horsestorideon@hotmail> Add to Address Book
To: scottbear@ak
Subject: ...gracefully
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 01:42:11 -0800

i love you like a brother
i mean
i still want to have sex with you and all that
but i feel i've known you so long
[still..., i would like to meet you]

the last time you and i had a talk about the well-being of your body
you were mr bear alaska
[ i think ]
and going to the gym or something

physical excersise is great
weights need to be balanced by streatching
and diet is very important
blah blah

i always recommend Yoga
i always recommend walking barefoot
these two things are essential

when i say "yoga"
i don't necessarily mean going to classes every day
i studied it for two weeks
and have been doing it ever since on my own

but i was a weak and skrawny kid
so when i hit puberty i learned about pushups
and have been doing SOMETHING ever since

sometimes i forget for weeks on end
and my body suffers for it
but eventually i pick it back up again

yoga means "union"
it's the act of making yourself one with your body

it sounds funny
but when you start doing yoga your body will hurt a lot more
because all of a sudden you're using it in ways you haven't for a long
and places you can't even reach will be sore
but if you listen to the soreness
it is just your body speaking to you

in fact
what you're feeling now is just your body talking to you

listen to it
streatch out

watch dogs and cats
streatch like they do
play like children do

these things are very alive
and have not forgotten this
have not pretended to be "human" by some strange standards
they listen to their bodies
and the world around them
and do what they need to do

follow suit
listen to yourself

it's amazing

i'm ok at it
i've still got a lot of learning

there is the body
and thoughts
and emotions
and actions
and god
[or whatever, spirit]

they're all trying to come to balance
it is for you to help them all focus

then life is just peachy
but til then
it's work

so i live
but i enjoy it as best i can
it's living

check out a book called "the ancient secret of the fountain of youth"
by peter kelder

it's rather small
[get book one, they've published it with a companion volume you don't
nead unless you got extra time and money for it]
and was first published in 1937
so it's right on the tip of america's health crayz
but it's a great biginning yoga practice
that is more like calistenics
so it's good for your whole system
and fun too
and has some tips about the other areas of health as well

i'm heading off to hawaii now

i would love to come see you
but i'm going to europe just after the new years
and don't know when i'll be back
i need to wander there
find some things....

i will
of course
always want to visit alaska and visit you there
i will

and when i see ya i'll teach ya some yoga and attune you to reiki and
you some medicine balls and cook you kitchari and make you tea
until then, it's up to you
take care of yourself, beautiful
be well


love and warmth to you, kid