May 29th, 1999

through the trees

Subject: lives waiting to be continued [ - pragmatism, not idealism - ]

Subject: lives waiting to be continued [ - pragmatism, not idealism - ]
Date: May 29, 1999 2:29:34 AM PDT

like standing on a corner
waiting for the buss

[yeah, if it needs to be like that
, what?]

got this thing
he said
he needed
on his
out - side

yes, and

just arrived in town

i had to drive
and last day
hitch hiker
bad responses
[on my part]

and there's trevis
[who, even now, freaks out in front of me
preparing to cry
laughing (like a scream)
with my hand on his belly and over his mouth
and my heart against his back]
who keeps laughing

my kitten
[he's a cat too]
he's my little sun
my little fire-ball
burst into flames
he's got red on
; little hairs on the sides of his head
that it'd put in braids
[like you did to me]
and he'd taken them out
all frizzy
and badly burn
he blows up
and it's hard to see people explode
-i'd like to see him make some pretty colours

and i'm very tired

and this kid i know from NYC
[i met him there: he's from Santa Rosa, California]
is a virgo
and he certainly is.


flew to see me for my birthday
[first, you know]

beautiful drive.
it's time to write
and walk
and work it out

yes yes
it's time for dominic to start living again


wanna run?

i spent time with some trees in the red-woods
told me to jump from tree to tree
and the birds screamed my names
and i skipped
and clicked
and my legs said
as i was so lazy
as i was driving too much
and it's time to start moving
without the metals
without the external tools

our little
world shaping

[what else is there to do for a sculpter ( medium:reality ) ?]

got work to do.

i think it would be better if you could call me on tuesday
and either around 10am here
or 10pm here
if not
try monday
and we'll just hope i'm around
[have ta do stuff with the kids]

i'd love to talk to you
[ov course]

and i will.