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Vertical Prose

January 13th, 2007

KuBricked @ 11:21 pm


i went out with Jan to see some art by Orr Marshall

(that's the best image i can find)

free experimental films and his paintings at the Museum here

we ran from that
to get burritos from a nice little place where three cowboys were playing their acoustic and doboro guitars
but we were in a rush over to the Accident gallery to see two Stanley Kubrick films

i've not seen his stuff in a while
and it was a major emotional assault

first was Paths of Glory
which i took these pictures from

the men were hot
but as the drama increased
i forgot about that
and just felt terrified at the state of humanity

wow, who knew it was so apparent even then and in France?
(well, i would have suspected...had i been born)

next was The Shining
which i kinda felt like skipping after being so shattered by the first film
but i'd not seen it in years
and Jan was up for it
so we stayed..



staggering home near midnight
ice on everything

Jan was surprised that i'd found fun free stuff to do in this town the first few days i'd arrived
when he's been here 3 months

but damn
i know how to survive in a small town if it has Anything to offer

i took more images
but no fruits
so i'm just including these because the men were stunning..

this guy on top
(repeated again)
reminded me so much of thornyc
i had to write him and tell him
the actor's name is "Robert Freed"

and no pictures are available of him in this Hotness on the internet
so may these be proliferate...



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Date:January 14th, 2007 06:29 am (UTC)

speaking of freebies...

don't know if you can get up to Patrick's Point to see Agate Beach, but I remember it as a really magic place... great tidal pools full of starfish and anemones, tree ferns that are really trees and the beach has lots of polished jasper and jade as well as agates. Of course I was there the summer of 1960... maybe it's kinda the same, but who knows? If you get there, pick up a rock for me, okay?

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Date:January 17th, 2007 04:49 pm (UTC)

I should only hope to look half as handsome.

Here's one more of the actor I was able to glean from the web. He was a busy character actor, but apparently only had the beard for this role.

I haven't watch Paths of Glory since my college days. Thanks for the recommendation to revisit it.

Vertical Prose