dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

i love california

wow. i love being in california

my ride flaked out on me
was supposed to be waiting for me at the airport
but, dude, plans change

so i got a call from a client on the way into town
which was cool

some of my friends were sick
some where going to paris
some i couldn't reach
but i did reach one
and he said i could stay with him
and it was so great to see him again

be here again

... then he told me an old friend died
while we were waiting for our burgers


the client was good
but walking through "down town" San Francisco is kinda scary
... and it's so trashy
there were about 8 homeless people per block
crack heads all over the place

my client was from New York
via growing up in Santa Cruz
he's in a relationship and doesn't really play with anyone else
so he was concerned...
we talked about the dangers of strangers
crabs and chlamydia
something nasty to bring home to the hubby?

and i told him that while i'd been coming to SF regularly
i had crabs all the time
was it the place i was staying?
must have been
every time i'd get rid of them
i'd come back from the city
and find one...

we shuddered
i took a long walk home
listening to Underworld for the first time in a long time

played with the friend i was staying with
(my nipples are still scabbed today)
told stories

in the morning
i walked around the city
to buy a BUTT book for Leo
see some things

when returning to SF after not being there for a while
i get a Rush of how beautiful it is

this time i'm not.

i'm just not impressed
not interested.

one of my old friends got Bell's palsy a few months ago
(an Aries attacks the face, his ego)

what is it with this place?

the ride flaked out again
of course

then another came through
but i had to wait for hours

conversations and small adventures
(including dog hair and cataract surgery)

the next ride was a beautiful tall hippie boy from South Dakota
now farming in Arcata
and a girl from San Diego

i played her the 6th "San Diego Zoo" song
maybe someone would understand...

it was a long drive
many hour stuck in traffic near Santa Rosa
i bemoaned having to during the dark
when there was so much beauty to see

i drove most of the way
but the boy had been driving up from LA
so i was happy to

we ate excellent Thai at a place i knew in Ukiah

they asked me who old i was

i'm 28

they were both 22

i'm ... getting older

dig that
it's cool

i got here and kinda exploded
showering Leo and Jan with gifts and stories
being sad
being happy

it took us a long time to go to bed
and Leo and didn't go to sleep right away

it's so good to see him and be with him again
though i do worry for him


here i am
spent the day trying to rest
clean up a bit
organize a bit

sit at the computer

and i feel something crawling on my forehead:

a crab!

after over a year with no sightings
i come back to california and get one again

probably not from my client
the place i was staying?


i love california


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