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Vertical Prose

January 3rd, 2007

no sugar --- !!! @ 03:28 am

i'm doing this yeast cleanse
which means taking six pills a day of pills chock full of capryllic acid, pau d'arco, tea trea oil and garlic
but it more means
i'm not eating any sugar
or... anything sweet.

it's slightly frustrating
but in reality
i'm noticing it's keeping me from eating crap
and when i'm snacky
i'm eating healthier things

-- i really like this
shouldn't i just do it all the time?

though sweets are tempting
they never make me feel good
i wonder if i could just be off them . . . (i was about to quantify that, but what i mean is just that -- off them)

refined sugar/bread/rice/etc are just drugs anyway
shouldn't i break that addiction?
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Vertical Prose