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Vertical Prose

December 24th, 2006

fiddling around @ 02:35 am

it's a million o'clock

i feel like i should have been asleep hours ago

but i don't know where to sleep right now
and nothing feels comfortable

so i'm doing my work

fiddling with buttons

putting things where they need to be

my lego foundation
piece by piece

nature nature nature

now i just feel like i'm silly for being here at all
and really i should just be in NYC

but if i did that right now
i'd just call myself a pinball
and elliot would smack me

so i'm going west again
and may spend days bathing in the sun and salty waters
which i probably need

then i'll be back here in the spring
ready to embark on getting my own apartment in the city
so i can live my glamourous and grueling life
of flying from place to place
compiling images
and working on making sounds

i feel like i've almost got the feet to do it

... my heart
... my heart
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Vertical Prose