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Vertical Prose

December 3rd, 2006

oh, how the deal with my dad sorted out @ 02:16 am

... i forgot to mention.
i called my mother today and talked with her about my dad
she told me that he was pissed off because he'd seen naked pictures of me.

how'd that happen?

well, my good friend dennisatl had commented on my flickr site with his account "Naut_y_bitz"
which he uses his BUTT as his icon
and that's his gay account where he keeps all his cocks and bellies and
many naked pictures of me

so my dad was asking for it
clicking on a guy called Naut_Y_Bitz
who represented himself as a butt

but he was offended and shocked that i would send him naked pictures of myself
(though they weren't action shots, folks)
of course
he wouldn't talk to me about it
just give me one line

so that's why i freaked out

when my mother told me this
i made sure i could talk to him about it

as it happened
he left the Wednesday i wrote that email
so he never read it


so when he got back from his hunting trip
we had a talk
and, in lieu of the great anonymous comment
i got to my last post about how a son can never ask a father to meet him on his level
but must go to that of the father's
i humbled myself
and asked my father not to read the email i sent him
but to just delete it

i called my mother back
and she assured me that he would
i talked with my sister
and she said the same thing

so she offered to go into his office
and get into his email
to delete the email before he had a chance to anger himself

which she did.


i called her back after my last massage client that night
and she told me that she really liked the letter
and that i'd hit many important points that would be really good for him to read
if i'd have left out that cruel shit in the middle about trying to get the family to leave him alone and cold in the dust
... yeah

maybe i'll rewrite it
but i kinda don't care

and the fucking bastard had the gall to forward me an email to
(ha ha)
about how the canadians were doing their part for anti-terrorism
by making their money un-counterfitable by Muslims
by putting naked chicks on them with big tits

inclusive of pictures of those bills

i sent him an email saying
'if you're going to be a hypocrite, try and do it with less proximity, thanks'
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Date:December 16th, 2006 03:30 pm (UTC)
God bless your sister for getting rid of that email. It would serve no purpose--and humans (even the best) cannot be trusted to 'not read' an email when they have been asked to ignore it and just delete it. That makes the email tantalizing and worth at least two careful reads. God bless your sister.

My father always, always, always sent me political bullshit, crass internet cartoons, always with a right-wing bent. I asked, pleaded, begged, shamed him to stop. He never would. One night, he sent me this abhorrent piece of shit aimed at 'liberals' (the new neo-conservative word of hatred, aimed at anyone who dares to think) and I was drunk. My response was swift, brief, and incredibly harsh. The next day I didn't even remember I had done it. I wasn't as evolved back then, so my tactic was to deny, deny, deny.

It is a shame that people really don't know what their closest relatives desire (even after you've been completely clear) or else just do not care enough to stop their actions.

There must be a lesson in there somewhere for us.

Have a good Saturday.

Vertical Prose