dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

soft soled shoes

i got me some soft boiled shoes in Murfreesboro

i got lost one night
and the hardware store was closed
when i looked up from my map
i realized i was in front of a Shoe Liquidators
and seeing that my favourite shoes were in the shop getting fixed
(errrr, replaced)
i thought i would see what they had

fancy buisness men shoes
but many of them had those thin soft flexible soles
i've never worn shoes like that before
(i always wear heavy boot kinda thing... even sandals.. it's a throw back to my being an industrial/goth/punk kid)
so i picked out a couple of pairs
and walked around the shop
and bought some hand-made italian boxy fancy shoes to wear when i went to New York

i was scared of them at first
but quickly made friends with them

because they're not padded (like most american shoes)
i have to be careful of how i step
or it hurts my knees
but when i'm aware of my walking (which i like to be anyway)
it's more like walking barefoot (except for the heel)
so i've been getting into a rhythm of rolling down the sidewalks

it's making my calves bigger
and my feet are kinda hurting in places they've never hurt before
so i'm stretching them and massaging them a bit
but i really like them

anyone who wears these type of shoes have any thoughts they'd like to share
comparing them to thick-soled sports shoes?

(this next part is my first attempt at writing this post, i kept getting distracted (for many hours) so just scrapped it and started over to get to this point)

i bougt some fancy city shoes in Murfreesboro a few weeks ago

they were on sale
it was a Shoe Liquidators

they're hand made
in italy.

they have soft soles...
and by that
i mean they bend when walking
they don't have much cushion

i'm accusotomed to wearing foot armor most of the time
even the sandals i've worn most of my life are big and tough

these shoes are Italian
they are elegant

a bit boxy.

you know the type.

i've never worn such things
and i was a bit frightened of them

yet i wanted to be more beautiful for the city

... goat had made a comment about my big red-wing boots
saying they didn't fit my image
-- i was too city looking, and they were too rugged

i think i'm much less rugged than i used to be

i was scared by these shoes
would the fuck up my knees?
would they kill my feet?

-- the experience was similiar to when i first got my


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