dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

a catalogue of dreams

the last few mornings i've had many memorable dreams

this morning

something about staying with the family in some remote sprawling house
we had to pack up and leave

was it a long visit?

there was running

and gifts

my mother gave me a full body green leather outfit
it was old
and had a cape that snapped on

perfect, of course

she gave my brother i swords
but they turned out to be mostly wrapped canvas
and were actually daggars
so when the mauraders came
we only had these very short knives to fight with

my dad (or uncle, yes uncle)
wanted to practice with us
but my brother was so dissapointed:
his sword was just a line tracing of flattened wire
with a fork and spoon at the end of it
he gave it to my uncle
it glows blue in the presences of orcs
we fought
and i bested him:

this is the first time i've ever fought with knives in a dream.

not the first time, however, i fell asleep and forgot a lot of time

my friend Sarah (a girl i've not seen in years)
took me up to a secret hiding place of hers
in an abaondoned house
there was some context of me being sick
because she's always been afraid of that

it was an upper story of the house
and the floor had weak spots
she warned me profusely about not falling through

there was some ritual she did

i don't remember
i fell asleep
and missed the whole thing

woke up when she was done
and rushed in to have the experience i'd been missing.

this relates also to a dream a had a few days ago
where i went to visit my parents
and they had really got into robot wars

a neighbor had a new robot
that nobody knew how to control
so it was left up to me

it was like a Terminator attatched to a tractor

so i had to fight with it
then against it

there was lots of fighting
and the tiring feeling of having to do it against my desire
simply becuase it would make them happy
and i was the only one who could do it
(i watched an episode of the Simpsons on the flight into NYC about bart and homer fighting with robots... but that was a week before)

my friend Scott Thompson (yes, from the kids in the hall) came to take me for a holiday

he was older and chubbier
had facial hair

we were old friends
and he'd rented a house somewhere remote

and brought lots of booze

i don't think it was sexual
i think we were just friends
but i remember i got so drunk that i passed out the first night i was there
and woke up three days later
having forgotten everything that happened

-- was i passed out the whole time?
"no, we had lots of fun"

oh, i don't remember it at all
-so i checked to see if i'd posted about it in my journal

typical of me: i hadn't.

the dream between those two dreams was something about hanging out with David Lee Roth
and how great he was and everything
and how i had to constantly pander to him to let him know how great he was
but i think it had some flying in it.

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