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long drive to and from nashville

no phone conversations tonight

things are settling down
and there's less expectation fluttering around

more pizza
more stale bread i chopped up this morning and cooked in the skillet with eggs and onions
and ate with tomato Chow-Chow

another client in Nashville
Mr Wish

his body opened up to me like the sky tonight
the sky i stared at driving home
amazed that the stars were just as easy to focus on while driving 70mph

his body was just water pouring through it
is heart
and when i opened up his channels
his chest heaved in a huge sigh

big man
all the movements were beautiful

i set up my camera to record
but of course
the battery died (the cold)
as he asked me about my brother
and i poured out an excellent rendition of
"the story of my life"

i so wish the camera would have been rolling to record all of that

-- i talked with Jerry on the phone on the way into town
Jerry: my first "boy friend"
from portland oregon
... he's living here in TN now
about an hour away from me

we're all a little older
Thanks Thanks Thanks

i'll put up all the pictures
and write out all the tales
but right now i've got to get home to sleep
so the Thanks Fairy can come in my dreams
and make me grateful for all the amazing things in my life

common everybody!
close your eyes!

(common baby dry your eyes)

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