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i went driving today for the first time in ages..

i mean [alone]
i drove a bit on the way down from Indiana with Goat

but tonight
i drove Goat's ole SUV monster into Nashville...

Goat has to install a stack in a player out in Bristol tomorrow (tuesday)
and i decided to go with him
for him not to be bored in the 6 hour drive out there...

but i figure
six hour drive
we should enjoy the destination!
not drive back in the same day

so i tried to convince him to stay the night
and looked through my files to see if i knew anyone we might stay with in the area...
or Ashville?

when i logged onto Silverdaddies
i had a note from someone not too far from there
who i'd never spoken with before
but he said he'd seen my profile many times
and now that i'm in TN
he'd love to meet for a massage

wow, what luck
goat has work
i have work


one phone conversation
and it all worked out well:
he'll meet me in Bristol while Goat is working
we'll rent a hotel room
i'll give him a massage
then Goat and i will spend the night there
and go hiking the next morning in the Smokey Mountains.


so then
i'm in the shop today
and thinking about the only other client i have already in TN
and he's a guy in Nashville that tried to get a session with me many many times last year
... we just never got it together

so i started writing him
then realized he wouldn't get the email til i was in the middle of my fast
and i wouldn't want to massage him then

so i called him

yeah, he wanted one tonight

so i asked Goat if that'd be OK
and he was OK with it

---[ Goat just told me a story about "OK"
he said it comes from the old Telegraph days
"A.O.K." was the old saying
but sometime after the 1930's
they dropped the "A"

when a message came through the Telegraph
"A.O.K." was what you signed off with
to show you got the message without any problems:
"All On Key"

-- i'd not heard that one before
i'd heard a few other maybe's... but that was the most believable one i'd ever heard

we we drove back to the House
and i opened up the SUV...
it was a mold factory
i could hardly breath
and against my principles
i desperatly sprayed Lysol all over the inside
in an effort to make it driveable

then opened all the windows

took the canoe off the top
and Goat made a lovely pasta with basil
rich tomato sauce with black olives and sausage
roasted garlic

some boiled broccoli

we drank the rest of that open bottle of red wine
sat on the back poarch

today has been a very good day


i went driving

had my iPod through the FM
listened to Guided by Voices "Fast Japenese Spin Cycle"
Stephin Merritt's "Eban & Charly" sound track
and the old recording of "The WickerMan"

the sunset was spectacular
though i was later than i said i'd be to meet my client
i was right on time for a beautiful show
-- there were rainbows all over the richly layerd clouds...

and i was shocked at Tennessee drivers...
apparently they all drive naturally slower than the speed limit
i knew things were slower in the south
but THIS slow?

... of course not
the speedometer was fucked up
by more than 5 degrees, i think
but i didn't figure that out til the way home

i got lost a bit trying to find him

... that's alright:
getting lost in a new place is how you find it.

the session was great
lots of fun and plenty

when i walked outside
i was floored by the moon
i just stared and stared
over that river
the bridges

but Nashville
i'll have to hang out with you later

i got out of there
couldn't talk with Leo
he was in a rush
didn't bother to call N, coz he never picks up the phone
but i would have liked to have talked to him..
so i called my brother instead
coz i hadn't heard from him since the wedding

we talked and talked
it was good
but i missed my exit

two ways out of the way
and late starting
i was LATE!

i put $19 of gass in the car
over 9 gallons
and more full than when i left
... the SUV get's OK mileage
probably over 20/gal on the highway
not bad

but i have to have the windows down coz of the smell
... it'll be a bitch in winter.

after filling up on gas
i went into Walmart

... i don't think i've been in one for about 9 years

that's not entirely true
i remember going into one in Hawaii
where else?

i don't know
i always block it out of my memory
as i will this time

but i was pretty fascinated

they've... gotten even bigger than i remember

a McD's in it now
a whole grocery store


i walked around looking for computer bits i might use
researching crap

i guess i was in there over a half hour
when i walked out
it was 11:40
and goat had called around 11:10
saying he was worried about me
waiting up for me at the shop..

but going home

i called him back
but he wasn't there.
so i fell into the Wickerman again
and drove the rest of the way back to the shop
where i just HAD to use the toilet
and... write for a while.

what other highlights?
-- i'll post stuff to YouTube when the DSL gets going here in the shop
which should be by friday at the latest
we'll see..

and what other things would i like to talk about when i have the time?
my conversation with Tigger...
a bit of the story of Grasshopper

ShortBus and Raspberry Reich (again)

Rose (another SF David)
and modeling. . .

how much i love faeries...
especially sparingly..
and how i could enjoy dancing naked around a fire

naked around a fire
full moon

and throwing the grass effigy into the fire. . .

and barefoot

barefoot, everyone
i cannot stress this enough:
shoes are a sinister plot to cut you off from the world you live in

unless, of course, you live in a world artificially created
which opposes the planet that world is created on
(like one of those huge cities i know so many of you are in)
then shoes are just a technology to make you compatible
with the artificial world you inhabit

but do not forget!!!
you are made of dirt and fire! air and water!
animal and devine
don't allow yourself always to be degraded
to the level of cog, slave, or even king
-- you are much greater than any such thing as those
... and much more humble.


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