dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

jet Lag

the richness of my time in europe is constrasting heavily against the MidWest

yesterday i stood in a parking... strip
waiting for my brother to finish a conversation

outside a cinderblock square building...

i looked down at the dirt
and saw a small insect:

a Damsel Fly.

up until a few months ago
i had forgotten entirely about Damsel Flys...

i didn't grow up with them
i only discovered them when i lived in England
11 years ago...

There are Damsel Flys
and Dragon Flys
and some other fly i have forgotten the name of

but in America
in the America i grew up in
with the Americans i know
Damsel Flys don't exist
there is only the Dragon Fly

i love Dragon Flys
they're pretty amazing
but i like it even more knowing there are a variety to pay attention to...

we have a specialized culture here
i suppose most of us are ignorant to the differences of "dragon fly type things"
... or any things.

our culture is ever expanding, rapidly proliferating
yet tending to homogenity
yey! homeostasis.

grey-wash of same.

we wouldn't have any use for the 400 different kinds of grass that the mongolians had
or knowing the differences between Hill, dale, fell and moor

we don't really want to know the differences between you and i, i'm sure
as it brings up to much of our insecurities about who we are
and how we fit in
how we rank

my family has no idea how it got here

i talked with my brother about it yesterday
then my mother

... how did the family get to michigan?
where'd they come from?

no one knows.

Zero History.
Zero Presence.

i poured water from the tap
the metalic chlorine taste
-- i never would have done that
if i hadn't gone to switzerland this year
and tasted sweet clean water from the taps

i've assumed tap is poison for about 8 years now
how'd i forget so quickly?

a bit of pleasure.

a breakfast of chocolate
lemon water every day
imported german beer
knocks my brother's socks off

gotta figure out how to love this world?
or just detatch from it for a while
spend some internal time
don't worry about the food, the surface, the feelings
just enjoy the trees

but for the next week i'm generating love
and the idea of Marriage
how to bring two souls together
bind them
yet leave them free

what do i imagine a marriage should be?
what for the future
and why?

call in the spirits
teachers and lovers for this union
design and desire
to make the world a better place

richness of life
not just money



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