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thank you dear, i love you

i didn't go off to a sauna when i arrived
i just talked with Lesley
watched her smoke

we went for a walk in the sand
tide was in

the sand was cool
no sun
but it doesn't stop the geordies
they were swimming

we watched the "Piano Tuner of Earthquakes"
which was disappointing to us both

we used to love the Brothers Quay
but they just didn't grow very much

this was a sad attempt.

but she'd made a good Bolognase sauce from scratch
and we had marmite on toast
and red wine

it was a good night

today i woke early enough
before 9

sat at the computer
uploaded some videos to youtube
so you can see them here

just little snippets i've recorded as i travel

then i uploaded some of eli's movies for him to put in his account
i don't know when he'll get around to it
he's always

Les and i went out to newcastle
walked around where she used to live..

where Laurie and Kathrine used to live

that house..


the hill
the trees

the windows..


we sang Belle and Sebastian songs the whole walk into town
"string bean jean" occupying much of our walk

we crossed the river and walked around the Baltic
mmmmmmmmmmm contemporary art
who cares?

some of it was fun
then it was raining
and we rushed back over to the Cinema for "A Scanner Darkly"

a radiohead movie
radiohead = philip k. dick

it left both of us feeling strung out
the colours shifting around us
it was hard to focus
i took my glasses off and kept lunging

we got pizza
and rode the bus back

i told her my story of 2006
she cried
but it's not just a tragic tale
so we launched into relationships
(oh robert)
and pain
(her neck)

the nature of the world
hope in mutation

oh dear
what a night

saturn return
(she's in the same retrograde situation most of my friends are, forth and back and forth. 20 degrees)
then some yoga for attention

she's off to bed
i wanted to write a bit
organize some music
i have to be up at 5 to catch a train to catch my plane to amsterdam
so i'll be going soon too...

good'night all
see you soon.
Tags: newcastle, philosophy

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