dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,


-- i wish i had the time to put up pictures

but i don't.

i'm in Edinburgh.

i just saw Radiohead with Lesley

i posted a review of the show here:

when we left the stadium
it began to slightly rain
i "shucks"'d myself for not looking to see where any gay bars were
(though we'd passed a "cottage" on the walk out there)
though i felt oddly drawn to a bar that i KNEW had a gay advertisment in the door
and there we were:

a very drunk scottish man made goofy drunk smiles at me
after a gay boy got off laughingly calling me Jesus
"hail our lord!"
she made excuses for him
then was infinitely fascinated that i was really gay

was she hitting on me?
lesley quickly dispensed of her

then two gay boys sat across from us
warned us from lighting up (our ciggies) in there
and then proceeded to tell us that our beer was revolting
and there was no way they would ever have sex with wrinkled old willies
so i pushed their limits for a while
while lesley swilled down her white beer as fast as we could
and we jumnped out of there
into the light rain
into a chip shop for a nice piece of fish (for me)
then a nice walk home
(well, we caught a night bus we we realized the rain would be persistent...)

now i just wanted to make a note of it before go to bed...

( other notes of the day?
saw the Ron Mueke exhibit at the Scottish gallery with Les and Morley and his friends... good to see him again too..
had scotch pie and Haggis with Neeps for lunch.. with a wisky and lime. . .
cooked Kitchari this morning with sprouts i'd carried up here from Sheffield
no Hing
so i used garlic and onions
and it still made me giddy and high
... beautiful beautiful beautiful city
so glad to be back up here
.. i wonder where matthew is? )


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