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Vertical Prose

July 10th, 2006

Water Pressure @ 10:48 pm

i keep noticing it
but i think i just understood it

perhaps there's just a higher water pressure everywhere in europe?

-- i feel more foreign than i ever have before..

is that how i'm getting older?
or how i'm degrading?

how surprising
that it's taken me over a month to realize what was going in
every time i turn on a faucet or shower here
it sprays all over the place

by "here"
i noticed this when i first arrived in britain...

i hadn't really noticed it before that...

i even asked yakov about it
but in his typical way
he gave a completely off base explination of it:
blame it on the british: they're terrible plumbers

but he'd lived with this his whole life!
then... hadn't he?

what's the deal?
why is the water pressure so high?
too high?

after a few weeks
i realized i could turn on the sink
without turning it on all the way

Full-Blast, that is.

it's really as simple as that
i noticed in my shower tonight
-- it doesn't have to be all the way
all the time
to the extreme

maybe i am conditioned to what i'm looking for never being enough
like the terrible water pressure i had in NYC
i had
not everyone...


i used to be able to hear accents and words properly
i used to easily be able to imitate them

even words i couldn't understand
i could repeat
now my mouth is frozen.

everything seems a mystery

this is the first time in any of my travels i've been
"well, i wish it were like it was back there"
instead of just being awed and excited by the different way things are...

is this "aging"?
is this a saturn opposition?
or is my DNA being polluted?

how do i rectify this?

it sure would be nice if i spent a few hours every morning meditating and tuning my reality to what i preferred it to be with my consciousness
and spending a few hours every evening relating my experiences and understandings.


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Vertical Prose