dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

11.7. Dinsdag. Bus to Berlin. Berlin!

" i would like to change back now
to the shadow of...
the shadow of my former self:
it follows me around! "

i forgot to mention
i bought some salvia divinorum from the head shop on the walk back to the hauptbahnhof

it's not a strange extract
it's just leaves
which makes me feel better

i've never bought the stuff before
though i've heard a lot about it
and i know it can be used
if you have a request

i've got a request
and i think i'm going to go to the Teirgarden to ask for it.

right now
i'm sitting on a bus.

listening to old radiohead songs
thinking about "meeting people is easy"
thinking about old friends
(thinking about you)

i'm staying with Rolf
in the old eastern area
but the northern part
near the Mitte
not Kreuzberg
as we all know so well..

and what will happen?

a few days in berlin
an afternoon with mamma

"did you lie to us papa?
we thought you were different...
now you know
we're not so sure..."


so i've been sitting in an internet cafe for two and a half hours
i made a lot of my hidden enteries (coz i've been making notes, but didn't want to screw up the calendar) Public
i added a few more photos from greece
and almost all the entries i have up my sleeve

i haven't written much for england
except thoughts and feelings
i'll post those later
with a bit of story
and Pictures...

but for those who enjoy exploring
there's a bunch more now.

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