dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

7.7. Friday. Day of Rest.

i mostly did nothing today
just settled in myself

my little room has an internet connection
so i sat and went through things
my general computer hole
radiohead and silverdaddies

some photo editing too..

i left the room only to pay the day's bill
as i paid last night for the sleep
a nice lady who reminds me of my mother's mother

she was nice again today
speaks a bit of english

then i got some water
some yogurt
went back to my room
and sat there til nearly dark

Wil got in touch with me

he had written me on eurowoof
(which i specifically told him not to do because i rarely check messages on there... but that's where i met him)

the message was dated from three days ago
and he explained that his father had died and he had to go help his family


i dunno.
why would someone lie about that?

i dunno
but often
Often when i travel
and i'm supposed to meet someone
and they flake on me
they end of telling me someone in their family died
or they got in a terrible car crash
or had to go to the hospital for operation

are these stories true?
does the universe subject potential sex dates and hosts to tragedies to prevent our meeting?

or is it just bullshit?

i will never know
because whenever i've been blown off by people like this and they give me these stories
i never meet them in the future

so be it.

when i eventually went out for a walk

i decided to cross to the other side of the train station to see what was over there
(as i explored this side pretty thoroughly last night)

i didn't get a kebab before i crossed over
there was Nothing open over there.

but i followed the map to the one bar that had been pointed out to me as having "mature men" at it
(by some guy from Connecticut working in a gay cinema near where i'm staying)

i got distracted by the pretty buildings
and when i got into the Rathause square
(Rathause, by the way, is "City Hall" in german... which is pretty great, Rat House... they know what their city politicians are...)
it started to rain

so i walked round the corner to where the bar was

two tables out front filled with people
one man
a nice grey beard
beautiful eyes
smiled at me

i walked in
they served food!
but the kitchen was closed...

so i got a beer

a girl came in and sat next to me and lit her cigarette

so i sat by the window

the man with the beautiful eyes kept staring at me
and i stared back
we played hide and seek with out eyes
alternatively catching eachother staring at the other

so when some of his friends cleared away from the table
i went to go sit with him

not much english
(and i know very little german)

but he was very kind

his name: Heino

he told me about the nude bathing area Christian had mentioned to me:
and how to get there...

he told me the best day to go to the Sauna: Sunday
said he'd meet me there

told me he'd been a hippy his whole life
so he didn't own much
didn't work much
went to greece as often as he could

said he liked to take the U-bahn to Baumwal and take a city ferry up the river
sit and enjoy the beauty

a very sweet man
we were smitten with eachother

but i was still feeling pretty antisocial
so i bid him good night
and walked back to my hood
got a döner
and went home to sleep.


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