dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

8.7. Satyrday. Haburg and Boberg

so yesterday i  just walked around town.
it rained

i had planned to go to a nudist area for sun and sex
but it rained
so i walked and walked around town

it was a gentle rain
but heavy dark clouds
i walked and listened to "Lady in the Dark"
which was strange
seemed like it was all in this lady's head
who she was
couldn't decide to be
but believed she only had once chance...
and the world loved her

here i was in germany
and the Bauhaus was kicking my ass
the beautiful angles
flattened and strong

of course
the large shouldered
long mustaches
what could i do?
these tight shirts over bellies...


i walked down to Baumwal
where Heino had told me was the place to catch a ferry up the river
but all i saw was tourist boats for €10 a trip
and the tide was up
they were forced to turn around
not go under the bridges..

i walked down some stairs
ate an icecream bar
rested my head against the old bricks
watched the spiders and blood mites crawl over me
the moss on the walls...

beautiful sidewalk
mosaic, kinda

i looked at the map
and read a bit about the churches
the two i'd gone into already weren't very impressive
(after the bombs, i'm sure)
but they recommended Michael (as they always do)
so i walked up to that

the building on the way too my breath
fantastic angles
glass and metal
against a walkway lined with trees
it was a beautiful juxtaposition

and the church was nice too..
a nearly monochrome baroque church

i paid €4 to see the crypt and tower
we weren't supposed to take pictures
we were supposed to buy them
but i clicked a few of the old photographs

and was astounded
yet again
up in the tower
i noticed that most of the buildings around here had grassy fields on top

how strange!

just grass
a lawn on the roof

no lawn chairs
just slightly dry grass...

germany hasn't yet failed to make me love it.

of course
the clouds cleared off and the hot sun came out
but i was in a tourist mind then
so i was exploring

i decided i wanted to go shopping
see if i could find a used DVD of "Via con Dios"

i wandered around a while
but failed at that...

i got on the train
and walked out to this place Christian had told me about:

a huge grassy field in the middle of fucking nowhere..

little paths everything

found a sand dune area

a guy with a dog

some naked guy walking

i followed him
and asked him the Low-Down

he explained
and though his dick looked small
i gambled with the general German rule (of huge cocks)

we talked a bit
getting turned on
my nice average prick looked tiny
next to his massive aryan cannon

but he would not let me put it in my mouth without a condom

limits are sometimes hot

so we just stood and worked eachother
nipples and cock and balls
stroking and caressing
coming to edge and backing off...

he had a nice THICK foreskin
and the head on his cock was HUGE!

great dick to play with
it would have loved to have been sucking it
or taking it in any fashion really

and when he came
with quite a few shudders
i was pleased when he said that was his third of the day

so i went off to where he directed me

a friend from Munich called 
so i lay my towel in the sand and talked with him for a while
while some other guy came by on a bike
so when i got off the phone
i walked over to that guy
he quickly got a condom on me
and i worked my cock up his hot ass
and gave him a ride

he shook as his cum poured out of him

so i walked over
the sun was hidden behind clouds again
this great swimming area looked like a gross little pond to me
... and mosquitoes everywhere!

i walked back to lay in the sand

a fat boy walking a dog came by
and he wasn't really hot
but i would have enjoyed rubbing his belly and sucking his cock
but he was too nervous
couldn't speak english

it was fun to watch his dog playing in the sand
digging digging digging
then using his nose like a shovel to push the sand out further
made him self a cool bed to lay in

when i started doing yoga
the dog jumped out and "bit" me in the face!

not really bit me..
i don't know how that worked
he was slobbering and growling 
and attacked me somehow
but left no marks
just fowl dog breath on my face

so i moved away from the dog
thinking something still might happen with the guy
but about five minutes later the same thing happened
(though i didn't see it coming at all, and this time it left a huge scratch on my thigh)

so fuck that

the fat boy had told me where the Real swimming area was
so i went off to find it

there was a huge maze of paths (and on flat ground, no hills!)
i can imagine it's amazing when it's full

it was late in the day
so only a few guys there
not really my type
so i went to the Boberger See
and took off my clothes and jumped in

it was about 25 degrees
nice and warm
beautiful orange streaks on the surface of the water from the sun burning out
i will admit a little fear of fish in the water
but really just sad to be the only one there.

there was a gaggle of gay boys all laying around talking
but they looked at me like an anomaly

and a group of hippies...
but short hair and clean smiling faces
maybe they're just students?
--  i get confused sometimes..

i walked back through the paths 
and was hunted for a while
eventually going with someone who could have been 50 or 40 or 60
but well hung
more importantly
a lovely lover
touching everything
once again
no sucking (for some reason, he stopped me from doing so)
but kissing and licking and GRIPPING eachother all over
in fact
i was really cold from the twilight and swimming
and he specifically warmed me 
holding me tight against him
rubbing his warm hands on me
: he obviously had more sun in his body than i did
having been there all day

once he thawed me out
we had a great time just pulling eachother around
frottage (sliding around on top of eachother)

both came on eachother
it was nice

but then the light was almost gone!
so i worked my way quickly back through the paths
(passing someone who was Bear... but that pretty sculpted facial hair all done in lines... and an ear ring... not really my taste, so i didn't pursue... and i was pretty satiated anyway)

the moon was low and red
very red in a beautiful clear sky
over the bleached fields of grain
it was all picturesque...
(but i didn't have my camera... just my mobile phone)

i took the train back in
surprised that the screen telling the train times
also gave the football scores...
i walked through the heavily red-lit district i'm staying in
but didn't feel like spoiling my nice evening with a bar
so just ate
came home
wrote for a bit
and slept!


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