dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

6.7. Thursday. Bye London. Hello Hamburg.

i left london today
met up with Bridget in the Liverpool street station
to talk for an hour or so
most of the time we had together
sitting on a bench
a man who was nearly dying sat next to us
two police officers trying to figure out what was wrong with him
maybe just drunk in the morning?

at the airport
i realized i had left my bag of herbs and my crystal (chinese medicine) balls with

first time on Ryan air
bright yellow seat backs are a bad idea
the latin boy sharing the bank with me
spoke loudly with gestures
enjoying my clutter
so more people wouldn't sit with us

i slept most of the way

it wasn't too hard to figure out the bus into Hamburg
though i was stuck with my headphones on
listening to The Eraser

before i went to sleep
i wrote this to the friend i stayed with in london the last few days

the life of a vagabond..

... but i got a little of your magic already

i redesigned my page on the bus from the airport:

but when i got to the ZOB
Wil wasn't there.

i called and called

No Wil.

that is
the guy i was gonna stay with.

you know
i think this style of living is coming to an end for me
one can only do things as long as they work
when a way stops working
gotta find another way

Can Do.

i put my luggage in the train station lockers
and went walking

the fugue for tin horns playing in my head as i walked through the rain

nice town

a million coloured whores on all the street corners
i've never seen this (but in the movies)
and the hotel proprietors look at me strangely when i walk in alone
asking them if they got a room...

where the fuck should i go?

you'd be so sad...
i found a bar called
a gay/muscle/skin head bar
this sunday is the "Sloppy Hole" fisting party.

i know you have your virulent hatred for germans
but if you love fisting
this is the country for it
.. it really is.

they all hold up their middle fingers
sex is all angry here
it's all FUCK YOU!

that's nice.
Can do.

i wandered around
wondering which horse to bet on
and got completely damp

but enjoyed the last of the colourful sunset over the lake
lost again
i wandered by a church
found a Pension for €28
damn boy
that's good by me

i booked myself in for a few days
(one night at a time, really)
i'll explore the city
and then Berlin?
or Cologne?
or Poland?

i'm really tempted
... there are many busses to Poland
i could just go to Poland..
i think i'm going to Poland

i'll look into it tomorrow

i just wanted to thank you for the music

and yeah
i gave Bridget your number
she said she'd meet up with you to get the balls and herbs monday or tuesday, i think
she'll call you

enjoy the computer
enjoy the porn

sleep well
get all yr wrk done, ya big ole powerful director, you!




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