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Vertical Prose

May 27th, 2004

lover @ 03:56 am

Current Mood: catching up to now
Current Music: "finally we are no one" -- Mum

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Date:May 27th, 2004 06:57 pm (UTC)

somethin about a hairstik

i once knew a boy
or should i say, he once knew me
had a stik, a wood stik, a hair stik
and wrapped the world of his hair about the stik
like some cosmic big bang all caught up there about his head
which seemed a good place for it

boy comes and goes
u know the way that boys do
'specially intense and searching and finding boys who have a mind, and a soul, and a body all of which work. special this one is - not in a way like u put in a box up high on your fuckin highest shelf...but in a way u look at a wave...or a bird flyin by...or a shootin star. just somethin that makes u forget and remember all at the same time.

then he lost his stik. his hair stik. his wood stik.
the universe in his hair got a little off kilter...searchin he was
and burnin cds
and runnin
and frantic to find somethin
takes a mity big big bear to pin a faerie down to eat cake sometimes
but its a bears job
and he knows

and he teaches even while he searches
and burns songs about a million pieces of love
and teaches more than just songs
teaches that its really about knowing somebody
and have zero zippo nada things youre looking to get or give
'cept just bein. and sometimes bein with him
and sometimes bein alone. and sometimes bein alone with him \
and - well u get the picture

so i once knew a boy
or should i say, he once knew me
sometimes he makes me laugh. sometimes just feel happy that i have a friend who sees the world thru clearer eyes
and is always searchin
and sometimes finding

so past bikes
past cakes
past books
past alla dat

is a boy with a world in his hair

hes a nice boy
hope u get to know him too
he'll whoop your ass and stir your shit

and thats a


Vertical Prose