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Vertical Prose

May 27th, 2004

lover @ 03:56 am

Current Mood: catching up to now
Current Music: "finally we are no one" -- Mum

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Date:May 27th, 2004 02:55 pm (UTC)

love and definition

>>>When I was younger definition felt like a lever I could use to move myself or other things, now I experience it as a paper hat: decorative but wiped out by the first good rain that comes along.<<<



i was in the sauna last night
talking with this sexy red-neck guy from up north
and this long dreded rasta guy
and questions came

" it's so hard to Change... "

and i said something like this
"well, yeah, from the outside...
but if you get into yourself
into your life
it's not like you Change anything
life is a dynamic thing
so when you are Alive and Living
you're changing all the time
and you can change into something
and change into something else
and that' life..."

and though it wowed the crowd
and i only remember it now becuase they asked me to repeat it
i realize the parallax error now
that i am a gemini boy
and THAT is how MY ego works
many others DON'T

so definition
to me
is something that i play with
but i realize that it traps me if i'm unaware of it

by why would you be sad to have your definitions dissolved?

at heart
we're all anything
and i love being caught in the rain
when all of a sudden
it's healthy to be whatever we are when we are it
best, of course, i love
with a lover
so it's safe
and fun
and they can be you
and you can be they

til you walk down the sidewalk in the sun again
and just are who you are again
(but different than who you were before)


Yeah yeah
and most people don't listen to Cds the way i make them
with so much meaning and all that
but i want to make it right
i want it to be fun

such tools i have to work with

i just need to start making my own music

Vertical Prose