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10.7. Monday Walk (in Hamburg)

!!Now!! With Formatting!!

i know i haven't posted real-time in months, but i'm changing that. here: Today from Hamburg. a nice long walk with a friend.
(more recent posts comming soon...)

as i tried to go to sleep last night
at a good hour
(and failed)

i tried to wake up and get out early this morning.

when time was past its edge
and i was rushing
i encountered the third hotel lady in the hall
as i was going out to pay

she explained to me i couldn't pay
that i had to go


she who speaks no english
she took me to Wolfgang
(and with the Wolfgang's i have known
i was very excited to see him...
but he was a thin, young red (long) haired guy instead)
who spoke english
and explained that the whole hotel was rented out for the next few days to a bunch of workers


so much for staying one more day.

"is that OK?" she asked?

but there isn't really a choice is there?
' i guess it has to be, doesn't it? '

back in my Zimmer
i hastily packed up all my stuff
pouring out my piss bottles
sorting out the trash
arranging the too-many items
and calling Heino to let him know i would be

i hauled off to the HauptBahnHof
"have a nice day" out the door from her as i passed
stopping briefly to change another $100 to €6
and threw my stuff in a locker
got a juice
bought a ticket
and jumped on the U3 train...

i saw Heino as the train pulled into Baumwal
looking "waiting"
but he smiled when he saw me

not a smile of
"i'm so glad to see you!"
but more of
"you naughty boy.. hello.."

and he led me to the ferry...

three things:
-the tide was out
very extreme change
everything looked so different!
the angle was now more dilapidated... where as it looked so modern before
yet the exposure gave it more class somehow
-the beautiful sidewalk i photographed before
was an imitation of a persian rug (he pointed out)
-the steps that i sat on
were right below the sign
the pointed to the Färhe
... i didn't even notice.

we waited

the slight awkwardness of communication
-- i not having any german words
he not having enough english
to make talking "easy"

there were many moments of silence
only a slight frustration at not being able...

the ferry came

nearly empty
we got a table on the deck up front
and watched the banks roll by

the next stop
the boat filled up!
i reveled in looking at all the old german guys (with their wives)

these people
where are they going?
what are they laughing about?
what are those grins for?

we took pictures
smiled at eachother

got off at one of his favourite spots
on warm days
when he's not working
he goes there every morning
to sit on a bench
and stare out at the beauty

the wide river
the green forested hills

but today the clouds were dark
ominous (as it were)

he'd planned out an 8kms walk for us
(which i didn't realize)

would we get drenched?

the beginning of the trail was narrow
hedge lined
well over our heads
along the walk were old houses
old street lamps
beautiful flowers

i as absorbed by a strange purple one

the second one i took a picture of
he told me it was "clematis"
... which we planted in the school garden last year
but i never saw it flower


whereas he was fascinated by an old lady
"not schön" he laughed
bright red shoes, bright pink socks, short
the flowery dress often exposing her legs
and a face that looked like it had been rubbed raw by rubber rags
wide eyes
big blue floppy hat shielding her
she moved with an urgency
yet stopped and excitedly had conversations with many as we past

the walk was long
we stopped a few times to eat the picnic he brought with him
bread and sausage
apple juice (watered down)

we both paused to take photos many times

i climbed a few trees
some laying on their sides into the river
one split through the centre
huge arms reaching up

... a reflective pool
perfect arching tree branches...

it had been cool

but as we arrived at Blankenese
it warmed
brightness came through
we rested a moment watching the huge cargo ships pass
then we headed up into the hills of the town
to find the S-Bahn back into Altona (where he lives)

the town was great
mostly walking streets with many stairs
we were both huffing and puffing
many beautiful surprises
(many blind turns)
ocean. town. flowers. rabbits sleeping together...

a peach. an apricot.

he said he'd like me to stay at his place tonight, not have to rush off to poland or berlin
so we took the train to the hauptbahnhof instead
and walked over to the bus station to see my options for leaving
i checked my email
and the guy i had emailed in berlin this morning hadn't responded (neither had BUTT)
so what..?

i made a call
and a non-sexual pal said he'd be happy to put me up
though he'd also have a guy from the Hospitality Club coming tomorrow as well
(another connexion)


not poland right now
berlin first.

we walked up the Lange Rheie
to have a beer
it made both of us very sleepy

but i did find some johannes berren (red currants)
so bought a container of them
and some cheese blintzes

hauled my luggage out of the locker
and rode the U2 to H's house
which was right outside the station

then he made me dinner of potato salad and hot dogs with mustard
green tea
i downloaded more music and vids
looked at some email
took a shower
then wrote this out
and i think this is the first time in many months i will post the text on the day i wrote it

i wish i had it together to get the photos up here right now
but that's just not going to happen
hopefully i'll get them up in the next few days while i'm in berlin

good night.

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