dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Re: My trip and a shirt

Mon, 21 Apr 2003 01:53:48 -0700 (PDT)

 "dominick vyne"

Re: My trip and a shirt

 "Rick S"

Hallo Rick
i left your place and headed up to Santa Rosa
dropped off the stuff
and was amazed i was taking this trip...

then headed down 12
through the windy roads
through the marsh lands
into the east bay
through the 780
to 5
then stopped
set up the bed
the blinds
and slept!

woke up slightly late in the morning
as i thought i got to sleep early...
but before i started driving
i noticed there was a nail in the right front tire!
so i looked at the map and decided to try and make it to Modesto
where i assumed they'd have a Costco
to get the tire fixed
but when i got to the next exit, where i was just going to turn around
i realized saw there was a nice little christian truck repair place on
the hill...
and a guy pulled the nail, reamed the tire and plugged it for twenty

it seems to be holding well.

i then continued on down the road
not stopping TOO much
but still not getting to my brother's til nearly 7
found a perfect parking space in the shade.

then realized the air conditioner had fallen while driving!
so i just took the screws out and tucked it neatly on the side til i
figure out how to disconnect all those tubes..

another question: do you know if the heat gauge is working on the dash?
it never moved through the whole day of driving
so i suspect it's not
conscious of overheating in the desert
i just wanted to check and see if you knew

and OH
the passanger door started working just fine again.
well, nearly fine.
it opens from the outside at least.

it's a quirky van
i named i Vic
(Vicar Victory)
(Victory Vicar?)

but it feels like home
thank you ever so much.

yeah, um, yeah
the shirt
i realized that i left it there yesterday

i suppose you could give it away, yeah
if you find someone who must have it
but i do like it
so if it's not too much trouble
send it on to here

dominic, care of
robert pittenridge
(address ommited)

as far as the wine
i've only had one bottle so far
but given away four
and two have been bad
(rotten corks, fallen in or corkscrew gone right through like pulp)
and the one i drank tasted so nice
so rich and full
like honey and spice...

then the tannins hit and my mouth puckered up and bowels clenched
i never knew there could be such tannins!

it was realy tasty wine, though
nice to have one glass of it
i've got a few bottles
so will drink it slowly next time.

so many adventures you've allowed me
i'll do my best to spend time with you by sending you little tales of
how it goes on my journey

so far as i know
i'm leaving tomorrow to head to arizona
palm springs on the way?

.. we'll see

thank you
for so many different things

and blessings to you

may you love everything you touch
and may everything that touches you fill you with love


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