dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

24.4. Monday. Floating into Greece

slept terribly
i don't know what time
in the hard bed


jeff goes out
i lay there and lay there

pick up my ipod
jack off to the mature anal sex video

pull my lap top
sit up straight
crossed legs
set about to write for the day

write and write and write
and eat bananas
and chocolate with almonds

jeff comes back to nap
i jack for a while to bisexual austrialian sex party
but don't cum

oh my fool life

jeff leaves
and i write more

and write and write
then have to shit
then decide to oil myself

mustard and mustard and mustard and de-lousing blend

we're docking in the first place

so i dress my oily body
and walk up on the deck
take some pictures
find jeff
and head back to the room
where he showers
and i set up the table to write more..
and drink beer.

as i'm writing
as i'm drinking beer
i'm becoming lazier and lazier
and start just accepting my notes
adding a tiny bit of detail
skipping over days
what the fuck

now we're pulling into Corfu
i've adjusted many days
filled up the wonderings
but have more to write
have to write
but the more beer i drink the lazier i become
i am eating bread with olives
beef salami
more beer
listening to the new mix i've made for Leo
it's great
it's great, Leo
i hope you love it
i hope you love me

this fucking wreck of a body and soul
thrown out to sea

and still
i think this
but as we pulled into Corfu
i saw the old island
the beautiful city
cross on the hill top
and thought of the beautiful history of myth here
and the christian dominance
and thought
-fuck you
fucking christian fuckers

--- i could not rest
though i desired siesta
i sat eating my salami and bread and cheese til it was all gone
drinking my beer til it was all gone

Jeff came in
and lay down to take a nap
as i found scraps in my pockets
of men i had met
who i should respond to...

that man i met in the WC in Sevilla
i wrote him an email
in my smatterings of spanish
even now: fading.

i looked through the photos i took of him in the stall
and decided to edit them and send him some
too entranced by him, yet again
i continued my masturbation

all my writing is masturbation
my photos
all i do for myself

Artists: how do you turn these artistic endeavors from masturbation to Sex?
merely by sharing them?
everything can encompass more skill
become more ArtFul
masturbation can evolve into Making Love

Jeff got up and left again
and later
as we passed beautiful white cliffs
i went up on deck to take pictures
finding Jeff there i sat to talk with him

he was all closed up

sitting with him in silence
allowing the cliffs and sea and air to imbue me
actually giving it the time to affect me
instead of running around in my head and ignoring our boat ride
it gave him time to resonate with me
and he told me how sad he was
feeling like he failed some how
with me.. and for himself
how sad that i was masturbating while he was laying in bed..

i remember how terrible that feels
but i tried to explain to him that i am someone who does not rely on others for my pleasure
and often pleasure myself
be it in food or yoga or masturbation
i am often stroking myself to bring a solitary joy
and i was editing pictures i had taken of sexy men in spain
and i'm often masturbating at my computer
and... he didn't invite me in to bed

there's lots of detail
we talked a while
and it was strange
how to fit together
what do you want?
how do you get it?

feel like he's giving up...
feel like i'm giving up

losing interest

i don't know
the sea is going by

but the talking, friends
the communicating
it opens...

i told him
of all the relationships i've ever had
i would have to say Leo is the best
and why?
we constantly communicate

if he wants me to lay down in bed with him he asks
and sometimes i stop what i'm doing and go to him
and sometimes i'm busy and tell him: Later

we stay in touch
we're pretty good about that
as good as we can

we're not perfect
perhaps if we were
we'd be together all the time
but it's a hell of a lot better than most of my past relationships.

it's cold in all that wind.
we go back down into the cabin
and cuddle up in bed for a while
which is very nice...

i turn the ipod on
hooked up through the TV
filling the room with Neil Halstead's "Seasons" (and a few of his other tracks)
then "Some Velvet Morning" (the Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra version
followed by Feist's "Lover's Spit" arrangement
and Tim Buckley's "Sing a Song for you"

Jeff leans against me and says "You have EXQUISITE taste in music"

it's strange to be with someone who actually likes all the music i play

we nap until the sun goes down
on and off

missing the sunset directly
but out our window
the Mediterranean sea
the Ionian sea
it's all purples and reds... dark blues
the mountains
absolutely beautiful

and Hey, we're almost to Patras
so we pack.

i remember from when i was on the Ferry with Leo
just how long it takes to get off the boat
so i convince Jeff to sit and wait with me
we talk
we're silent
i play solitaire
Jeff gets anxious and says
Let's go! Let's go!

i tell him after the next game, but i'm sure we should wait longer.

but i go with him
and we stand stuck in a pack of people for 20 minutes

out in the city
it's kinda like a war zone

industrial/commercial docks
train tracks running into town
walking walking
i feel we should just walk to where all the buildings are
the web site said it was an easy walk from the dock...
but he goes to a cab
and the cab points up the road
in hand gestures
he shows us it's a very short ride
we should just walk.

Oh yeah:
this language is baffling to me
sounding like Czech:
i can't pick up any of the words
it's not making any sense to me
... at least in Czech i could spit out a few Polish words that Leo was able to feed me...

we walk along the road
along the uneven, unfinished messy dark sidewalks
we get to our hotel
a former art-deco glory
it's kinda nice

the lady behind the counter is so chill
whatever, stay however long you like, don't bother giving me the credit card yet... we'll take care of everything when you leave
she tells us the best travel agent to go to
giving us her name to recommend us by


we go to our room
and look out over the sea
... nice view, even at night

but we're both so hungry:
the food on the ferry was so atrocious
i haven't eaten since "lunch" of beer and bread and salami and cheese

so we go walking into town
and it's all commercial
loud disco music
crap restaurants
Oh No!

not very greek...
but very busy
for a monday night
at 10pm

i guess greece is a late culture too.

we walk around
the main street
some side streets

it's kinda nauseating
but before we head back,
defaulting to the Hotel Restaurant
we see a few small restaurants
and go to try them

they're kinda just fast-food joints
but there are lots of people sitting out side
it's quieter
so we pick the one that's all in greek
less touristy?
yeah: but they don't serve lamb...
not too expensive
and we're So hungry

we both get platters of pita bread, potato fries, and sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers..
i got veal, he got pork and chicken
it's.. mwa...
but i eat all mine
he has about half of his
saying it tastes too processed

and now i'm full
very full
and it's late
and we're tired

but still
i feel like i should walk around before going to bed
so Jeff heads back to the hotel
and i go walking

i turn the corner at the front town square
and find the travel agency recommended to us immediately
cool, close to our hotel
no problem for tomorrow morning

the sidewalk ends
now it's just brushed globs of concrete
with bricks and styrofoam stuck in it
concrete surrounding the trunks of the trees tightly
the trees dying..

someone's idea of urban renewal, i'm sure

many of the buildings are abandoned..

and rightly so:
the sea front here is all industrial
not nice for walking along at all

at the next street corner i come to
i wait for a car to pass before i cross
in that small moment of waiting
i catch eyes with a tall, chubby greek business man
i cross the street
and it's just more of the same
and i wonder if i should maybe go to the train station and see if i could find some greek men in the toilets...
when i turn around
that business man is still standing there
looking at me

really? that easy?

i cross back over the street
and give him a cruise
with a definite response

well well

but his phone rings
so he's talking
i walk down the street a bit
come back
he winks at me

when he finishes his phone calls
he just walks up and says
"where ya from"

we talk
he speaks little english
but thankfully Some.

he asks what i like
i say "everything"
"me too"
he says

then suggests we should buy some plastic at a store
-- i have a condom in my pocket
i show him

what does he have in mind?

follow me

so i do.

off the side walk
to walking in the street
along the guard rail
separating the train tracks from the road
cars going by
... people walking behind us

we walk for a while
crossing the tracks
to a gate
that goes into a smaller street closer to the water,
passed parked cars and trucks
a big opening in the fence by the water
he says "there's already someone there, we'll go to the otherside"
as we pass this someone
he's a stocky mustache'd guy on a bike
i think about asking if he could join in...
coz he's obviously interested

what, what a lucky boy i am.

then he asks if i'd rather just go into a building with him
which, yeah, i'd feel better about than the docks
he's got a key
so we cross the tracks again
he's on the phone again
i stand around
then he opens a door of a house
next to an industrial building...

he clicks on the light
but it looks just like an apartment building
he puts his fingers to his lips
and opens a door quietly
looks in
then closes it again
shakes his head
then opens another door
shows me: it's stacked with boxes
no room for us in there
but he turns the light on in there
as the light in the hall times out and turns off

he hugs me and kisses me
mostly rubbing his chin against my beard

he's tall
probably 6'4 or so
he's very big
he's clean shaven
he pushes his hips against me immediately
i unzip his pants

i imagine how nice it would be to be in bed with him
but that's not gonna happen

it's just a simple blow job
he really likes it
he smiles down at me
from way up there
an average sized dick
on a very big man
smooth body
nice nipples

it's over pretty quick

he takes a minute to put himself back together
and walks me out

he asks me if i know how to get back to where we met
no problem
i'm going to walk around a bit more

we say good night..

i walk down to the docks again
but the guy on the bike is gone.

so i walk along the water
the parked delivery trucks
the cars with various people in or around them
then a restaurant
a children's park
and a sea-front walk
all huge stones along the shore
some old men
Night Fishing
i walk for a while
it's nice:

i should be heading back

so i walk back
but for when i pass where the guy with the bike Was
i stop to look into the arc-light-lit waters
and see a school of fish, large, shimmering in the water
with one large fish next to them
friends? parent? prospective diner?
when i step closer to the edge
they all scatter

wow, can fish really see that well?
even at night?
-- i cast no shadow on the water...

back at the Hotel
Jeff is eagerly awaiting my return:
there is no electrical outlet near the beds!
so we haul one across the room

it's an old hotel:
only three plugs in the whole room
and they're all next to the TV

we cuddle
and he say's he's horny now
so we play
but i've masturbated four or five times in the last 24 hours on the ship
i'm not horny
and part of our conversation earlier was about "doing things with orgasm"
which he said he didn't know what i meant
so after he came tonight
i gave him a lecture
about focusing energy from higher levels
be it imagination, heart, will... or god
and pulling them down into your root chakra
and manifesting them on earth
through cum
most commonly: a child
but you can use your body like a magic wand and affect the flow of your life too..

he blinks
after-cum glazed over
and heads to bed

i sit and move some stuff around on the computer a bit before sleep
never easy for me to just pass out
i need alone time

but before 2, i think
i am asleep.

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