dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

notes on words i learned in Spain

words i learned:

from Antonio:
The tomato salad is called here in Malaga "PIPIRRANA"  but most of people called "ENSALADA DE TOMATE".
The raisin soaqued in licuor are called "pasas en aguardiente" because they are dried grape, tha you put in anis, or brandy as you like.
The andalusian olives, we called here "aceitunas partidas" or just "aceitunas" or "olivas"
The tomato bread sauce, we called here in Málaga "porra" but in other province are called "salmorejo"

i also remember simple things like
con migo = with me
con tigo = with you
-- i didn't know these before, or remember them

my favourite words i was reminded of were:

entonces, siempre, tambien
then, always, also

the way they sound.. and their meaning, yeah

every man calls his friend "tio" -- which is uncle... but also like "buddy"

mañana is tomorrow as well as morning
so tomorrow morning is " mañana de la mañana "

slang term for dick is
which would be the female of the general word "chicken" which is pollo
but if you're talking about specific male or female chickens
the word is something like galleta/o
but there are also words for young and old birds... which i have forgotten now.

young lamb: cordero
or was that all lambs?
i know a baby goat was "chevo" or something like that
which Walter had said was the slang term for "fag" in Peru

is to run
is the post office
is to cum

"bird" is something like

the wind had a similar sound
but has been come to be called
or something

-- he had double names for everything
being 74
he's heard language change a lot, i'm sure


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