dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

17.4. Monday. Last day in Spain

grey day
sleep late
we go out to meet joseph
we were gonna take the tram
but can't figure it out
of course
we get a taxi
but it's not easy
we walk around and around looking for someone who's not full

he drops us off by the
and now jeff says it just looks stupid and he doesn't want to see it.


Joseph arrives
and we got the Valour chocolate place he wanted to take us
it was closed
joseph wants jeff to hail it like a real new yorker
second nature
like it's an extension of his body...

we try and find some restaurant jeff has heard about
it's very fancy
and a 45 minute wait

across the street is a
tattooed and pierced
PA and everything
nice advertisement for a tattoo shop.

fuck that, waiting
i saw some place called Mandarina duck
but where?
while looking
i eat ice cream

tired of looking
we go get more Tapas

good good

so yeah
i'm going to try to go the
you comming jeff?


we go there
get in the jacuzzi
it's nice
i cradle jeff and hold him
an obvious chaser gets in
and i pass jeff over to him
they play
and i fall in love with some guy sitting across from me

when jeff leaves the tub with the chaser
i go to cuddle with the guy...
it was great
the kissing
the feeling
but he wants me to come home with him...
too quick

this is my first time here
it's bear day:
i want to explore more
yeah, what a mistake that was
too much, not enough, not what we want
holding onto that sexy italian daddy in the sauna
while he's getting fucked by any dick
guys change places behind him
he's clinging to me
getting pounded

beautiful men here
but not for me
i gotta get out of here...

i call him
and he meets me there

now the city is covered in rain
and jeff is gone

this guy
his name is Antonio
he takes me home
a long bus ride to the north east part of town

we fall into passion
and on and on it goes
and napping
and cuddling

are you trying to fall in love again?

a little romance
a little Tango

che che

he plays astor piazola for me
he lived in argentina for 30 years
he's so passionate
so beautiful
psoriasis all over him
i guess fate's my bait..

i was supposed to eat dinner with Joshua and Joseph at that fancy restaurant
but i don't want to
and they don't want to wait

so Antonio makes me a dinner of
tortilla y bacalaou

then plays me music
and i go to copy it
ah, music
and we're all showered and dressed
ready to go out and see some of his friends perform tanto
but then there are joints

and more music
tango and flamenco and dancing
our clothes off again
most amazing
kissing and dancing and loving
you know
i could stay forever
learn the language
fall in love, but

i gotta go.

i get to the metro
all the buses are gone
and the metro is over

a taxi?
the guy is gonna run me all over town, i can feel it
i tell him
look , this is all i got
take me as close as you can to the princessa hotel
preferably down the ramblas
so i can have a nice walk the rest of the way
but got home alright on only €8 and something something

jeff is asleep.
i stay up all night to process photos
maybe you'll get to see some?

i go to sleep at

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