dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

14.4. Friday. Pool Party. Walk. Oil.

waking late
do nothing most of the day
Pool party
so what first?

bad bad tapas
accidental tripe
mostly disgusting
take the metro to Jaume 1
walk through the old city
which i had walked through with Leo
... jeff wasn't interested in going in old churches
just fancy hotels to see how much they cost and what amenities they had
we had some ice cream...
meet Dino accidently, a hot guy i had chatted with the day before
together, we walked up to the Pool Party
a long walk, we sit and talk along the way
i obsessively look for sesame oil
but settle on a bottle of mustard seed oil
i guess a lot of Indians came down here from england..
following the english who moved here.

lots of scantly clad fat furry guys
i didn't know how to interract
being a "chaser" makes me feel terrible
like i'm some outsider here mainly to attract my opposite
like i'm too heterosexual
i mostly don't interact with anyone but joshua
who has a hardon most of the time we're playing in the water
which is fun

we leave there and go to get
hot chocolate
like a pudding
pretty amazing
and this is better tapas
all tarts and cookies
so good

we decided not to buy drugs from the guy who wanted to sell them to us
no drugs
but we got absorbed in the
plaza de Espanya
i took a picture with my mobile phone
because neither of us had cameras with us...

i did my best to figure out the
we walked by the palace of music to meet
we were late
but had a
dinner with good tapas
lots of wine... and Vasec Cider?
joshua was a bit drunk. joseph was a bit drunk
back to the hotel for an early night?

oil my body
oil the belly

nice to feel the oil all over my body
but this mustard seed oil isn't nearly as good as the stuff i got in New York

jeff rubbed his belly all over me
crushing me
flattening me out
i was exhausted.

the sleeping, eventually

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