dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

11.4. Tuesday. Jerez. Last Procession.

i think i slept well
what time did i wake this morning?
late as usual
it was nice to cuddle
to turn into play
as before in the hostal
i came
he didn´t
there was no follando
which is probably the only thing that gets him off

this often leaves me feeling weird
and this morning
i´m exhausted

but that probably has to do with all the movement i´ve been under
i don´t know

i want to take pictures of him before he gets dressed
and i try
but he´s not sexy in photographs
he´s not photogenic
one of those bodies better to touch
feel the roundness
rub the fur
he´s just not sexy on camera...

for breakfast
he gives me white toast
with olive oil and warm honey

then it´s time to go
i´m confused as to why
but i guess he´s going to go swimming?
i´m not sure
but ok

he makes it clear that he has no other keys
so i have to leave the house with him
and must be out til he gets off work
at 23hrs

i think about taking my computer with me so i can write when i´m sick of being a tourist..
then i think about it
i´ll be out, at this point, about 12 hours
and i don´t want to carry around my lap top that whole time.

so i pull out my disused iPod shuffle and plug it in to use as a flash drive
transfer my file..
i ask him if i can use this computer to check the train times
because i´m worried there might not be a train to cadiz in the morning before my train leaves
and there might not be one after he gets off work
which would leave me fuct
but he says he can´t use the internet except after 6 until 8 in the morning
and on weekends


so, fine.
priority one, go to the internet

when we leave the house he thinks i´m going with him
i say
for what?
to wait while he swims...
how long will that be?
about an hour?


i feel like we´re both annoyed at eachother for lack of communication
but i just don´t understand the logic in this

i´m angry
i tell him to call me when he´s done with work
and i go off

having no idea the shape of the city
or where i am

it´s a city
i can find my way
just find a tourist information booth
get a map
it´ll be OK

so i head off
turn down streets
staying in the shadows
in search of the Calle Fresca

i come upon a square with an interesting fountain
big blocks of cream stone
water pouring out of odd places
doesn´t look like it should be a fountain
not aqua-like at all...
on it
are three statues
of old men
not particularly muscled
but thin
with beards
two stand
one is reclining
genitals intact

what are they doing there?
who are they?

i find a main street
all set up for the procession
chairs still folded
and head towards the shades street with trees
very quickly i find a Locutorio
and go in to use the internet.

there is a USB port at nearly eye-level
but the shell they are using dis-ables file viewers
only allows internet
so i have to go into my drive through the IE like it´s a web page
it freezes when i do this
so i go directly to the file like it´s a URL
this works
and it opens the file
which i copy and paste into my Gmail drafts
where i am editing it now.

the train should be no problem tomorrow:
it stops in Jerez at 8:30
cool cool...

i sit in there for about two and a half hours
til they close for Siesta.

there is a boy next to me who comes in and plugs in his Simple Key mp3 player
cool like toy
it´s bigger than the ipod
but has a built in voice recorder
i miss that feature
and i check it out on line to see how expensive it is:
50 pounds is the price i get
about a hundred USD
so i can skip that right now

or i could mug the kid outside the shop..

that idea only occurs to me
when i try to help him make the thing work as a drive
but i can´t explain to him what i did to make mine work
because he speaks no english
and i just don´t have enough words in spanish to make it clear
... plus: i don´t even understand what he´s trying to do
so i eventually just tell him i can´t help him
but he continually interrupts me
asking me things i don´t understand.

i write

i get some stuff written.
i post some writings from the 26th and 27th
i am writing this entry on the day it is happening
just a few hours later, catching up to now
at 17:51.

the place closes
so i head off
thinking i´ll get some food
then find some nice shade to lie in...
but the restaurants on this street are just way too touristy for me
so i head up some random street
away from the tourist areas...
beautiful old buildings
tight corners
old city walls


but when i do find a nice place to eat
it´s FILLED with spaniards
which means it´s full
but i´m just too intimidated to push through them and stammer through ordering
--- i just don´t belong in there
i should go back to the tourist area where i belong..

so i walk through more windy streets
encountering many similar situations
til i get back to that first street with the nasty tourist restaurants
avoiding the one filled with americans and british
and eating tapas at the one filled with people from spain...

two germans sit next to me and order Cokes.

i get tapas.
i guess this is my first time getting tapas.

a beer.
some hard dry cheese with crunchy dry wheat thing called "toes"
looks like em
a hot pot filled with butter and popcorn shrips "gambas"
slices of grey meat in olive oil and salt
and a potato tortilla
it comes with some pretty good bread too

it´s good
nice to eat
while i´m eating
i get a message from Luis
and this is about 15:00
he tells me he´s eating with friends from work
then he´s going to work.

why is he telling me this?
i don´t know.
i tell him i thought we might eat together
but now i am eating alone
and will see him when he´s done working

he writes back
"muy bien"

by the time i am done eating
i´m definately ready for a nap

which is a long time coming

i stagger round town
where are the parks?

just lots of bright streets
i´m desperately in search of the Calle Fresca
just want to be in the shade and relax...

eventually i come into a plaza by the Casa Grande
and i see a mother lying in the sun in the middle of the park by the fountain
her sun reading something in english from a book..

so i walk around the park looking for a nice place to lie
eventually resting someplace near her
not so much dog or pigeon shit
or trash...
there´s a lot of trash in spain...

my body loves me for lying down
i button my jacket
and open my chest
letting my elbows fall down
hands under my head

i do sleep like that a while
changing positions only slightly
then i do some stretches
and get up

pick up some garbage
go and throw it away
then walk down another street
now looking for a place to get chocolate
i woke with a chocolate hunger.

i see a place selling chocolate con churros
and helados..

i look at the lady selling the icecream
and her face is a drop-dead-fuck-you
it bounces me off her and i wander down a street
... i find another internet place (this one)
and a Dia supermarket...

fine and all
but i do want chocolate
so i back to that place
...and i´ve not had churros here
i´d like to try them..

so i order a hot chocolate and churros

the hot chocolate is hot and rich
very nice
the churros are hot and greasy
and i can´t believe people actually eat this stuff
it´s like fairground food
it hits my stomach like clay
i feel gummy

but i feel pretty gummy today anyway.

i finish the chocolate
but leave half the churros

paying for something
gives you the luxury to waste it

i walk back down to the Dia
and buy a bottle of water
my hip bottle being almost empty
... and two bars of dark chocolate: one with almonds.

then i come here to the internet cafe...

but it´s giving me hassle to have more than one window open
and the price is almost double what it was at the other one i was at
fuck this shit
i´m caught up with today
i´m going to go walking
see more town
find another place to write


i wandered through town
square to square
following kids
turing off at an alley
following my intution
and listening to the Tortoise & Bonny Prince Billy album

it got me here alright
i´m back at the place i was writing this afternoon
the processions going on
i can hear the drumming
there are little guys in red velvet pointed hoods
and white robes

i write for a while
listen to the Hour of the Bewilderbeast

and by the time it´s over
i am flanked by two people on MSN messanger
the one on the right
i think is turkish
he´s talking to some girl on a headset
rrrrrrrolling his Rs
obviously sweet talking her
the girl on the left
she's talking to some boy
and while her head was just down focused on her keyboard
a huge lip-smack kiss took up the whole screen
did she miss what she was after?

it´s 21:30 now
a half hour til they close
i´ve got a lot of writing done today

hopefully i´ll get more done tomorrow on the train
but my battery only lasts about two hours
and the ride is ten..
unless i sit in a toilet to plug in
that´s all i´ll get..
but maybe
maybe i can catch up tomorrow

that would be best
because tomorrow starts a new chapter with Joshua

Hello Joshua!


before i left the place
the turkish boy had taken off his shirt
with two other friends behind him
he was flexing his muscles for her
-- i could smell him

ah, youth.

public internet cafes... how great is that?

they closed at 22
but i didn't leave til 22:30
and there were still plenty of people in there...

i wanted to give myself plenty of time to find Luis's house...
but it was easier than i thought

so i sat on a stoop
that i thought
might be his
playing solitaire
listening to Apostle of Hustle
waiting til after 23...
just after i won my game of solitaire
i looked up
and there was Luis
a few streets down
all dressed in black

i ran down and jumped in the house...

he was gonna make dinner at the house
so i grabbed my computer
and went out war-walking for WiFi
scouting out
past the drunk youngins...

at the next corner/plaza thingie
i found a signal i could get on
had to find just the right place to stand
then i could sit by the tree

i downloaded my email
copied the text file i've been journaling in
out of my gmail
back onto my laptop so i could write more on the train tomorrow
then got my aspirations up:
i edited the last post i posted
which was the last day with Leo
even though i had just posted a posting saying i would post two old postings a day
i did three today..
i went back into that one
after blue-toothing over my pictures from my phone
i put the pics i took of the incredibly cutes that first night in HOT
in the posting
i created an .pdf of the two months (coz it didn't allow specific dates) i traveled with Leo
and emailed it to him..
as it was sending
i realized i could not hold it any longer
i needed to piss

was i that scared of all the people walking around
like i'd get caught snagging someone's signal?
like people would care..

people were staring
probably more confused than offended
but i kneeled right next to that tree
opened my fly
and pissed... a while
in the little tree plot
feed the tree, baby.

Luis called asking where i was...
everything done
i closed up the computer
and walked back to his place

Dinner of Tuna/egg mush with bread
and pea-mush with chicken
with bread
and beer.

even with my limited spanish
we had the conversation about what a caring loving person i was
because i was trying to teach him about nutrition
and because he's fat
he has to be good to his heart

he took some pictures
we got in bed
and curled up
both very tired
but he got turned on and playful
i was totally wiped
so it was just play
no completion:
we slept

slept well.

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