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i recommend searching on the internet for recipies
coz you can always elaborate
but this is what i cook

(for one person)

soak 1/2 cup of mung beans over night
pour out and rinse
(three times a day if you soak them and then don't get around to
cooking til later)

prepare the spices in a cup:
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 t of coriander
1/2 t of cumin
1/4 t of fennel
1/4 t of cardamom
pinch of asafotedia (Hing)

have 2/3 t of tumeric ready
cut 1/2 ginger root into tiny bits (or grate)
cut one carrot into bite size pieces

measure out 1/4 cup of basmati rice

start boiling some water in a tea kettle

put the pot on the stove you want to use (make sure there's a lid)

low flame
add one Tablespoon of Ghee or coconut oil (or other oil of your
when it's all melted (or warm enough)
add the spice mixture and ginger
stir intermittently
when it starts to bubble slightly (about a minute)
add tumeric
after about fifteen seconds more
add the rice and mix it into the paste thoroughly
then turn up the flame to medium
add carrots and mung beans
mix in
and pan fry for a minute or two
then add the water
just enough to cover everything about an inch
mix well
and cover

high heat till it starts to boil
then turn to low
and let simmer for an hour or so
then stir well
mush it all up
and if you want it to be more liquidy
add more water

leave lid on and let cool for fifteen minutes or so

good to garnish with fresh cilantro
fresh raw ginger
and cyane pepper

also cooks very well in a pressure cooker

or let cook for hours in crock pot

very flavourfull

--- tell me your results!

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