dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

Working & Image Box

midway through May now
hopefully i'll have it all sorted out
while i'm stationary this week in Berlin...

all of my posts are currently CUT
which means you have to click the bold underlined text in parentheses to be able to see the images or text
do so as you wish...

currently in germany...

15.7. Berlin Street Fest. Potsdamer Platz..

4.5. the Ruins of Ancient Greece...

3.5. Surprised by Athens...

2.5. Zaxoros. Sami Koto. Leaving Peloponese...

1.5. Drinking springs... Hot springs... Valley...

30.4. Waiting at Train Stations in Greece

29.4. Last day with Jeff - city and sea and gone

27.4. Pictures taken by Jeff from the moving car

26.4. Found our Home; settling in

25.4. Day in Patras... then to Zakinthos

24.4. Floating into Greece

23.4. Leaving Venice...

22.4. The Long Day in venice (first half)

22.4. Second half ... into the night

21.4. Endless beauty... Happy! Happy in Venice!

20.4. Moving into Venice

19.4. First Day Seeing Venice: Amazed at everything

18.4. Arriving in Italy...

17.4. Last day in Spain

16.4. Beach. Barcelona. Cakeshop

15.4. Sitges. Night Photos

13.4. the view from our windows...

11.4. Jerez

11.4. The Processions in Sevilla...

5.4. the Textures of Alahambra

5.4. Lost in the Beautiful of Alahambra

4.4. Finding Granada and Alahambra

3.4. The Mountain walk in Andalucia

2.4. Walking around Malaga

31.3. Travelling to Malaga

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