dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

2.4 Sunday. i was surprised i could skip a stone on the sea

this morning he wasn't so frisky

neither was i, i guess
he had woke up
come back
and got back into bed before i really noticed the world again
we cuddled
we played
to no completion
just greeting eachother for the day
left me feeling very horny
but i didn't want to orgasm with out him
and he made it clear he was waiting ...

i commented on him sleeping so late, though
he said i sucked him dry, left nothing for him
Oh No!
"if you would have been here ten years ago.. oh, back when i was 60.. i would be fucking you all day"
geesh, back when i was 60...

so we just layed around talking
and i photographed him a lot: i love his face
and body..
he's a very sexy man.

we left the house about an hour later
just to walk around town a bit
- he had to have lunch with the family
so he just walked me to the old roman ruins and headed off to catch a cab home to make it to the meal
--- i looked and saw that the ruins were free to get in after 2
so i headed about town
got some ice cream from the place we ate last night
getting the "malaga" flavor today: raisin ice cream.. odd, but very good
then walked down check out the gardens
then just wander around the old town
having a camera this time
taking pictures..
but not able to photograph the cathedral: it's sunday; mass is a-happening
i walked in and saw the high high ceiling..: i'd love to come back in here.

but not now
i just wandered around the city..
feeling hungry
i decided to have chinese food: it looked in-expensive
and i hadn't had any for a while..
i'd love some general-tso's ...
and this place said it was a chinese buffet... that sounds cool..

but not like in america
no big rows of tables loaded with food
"buffet" here means you tell him a few things you want and they give you an assorted plate for a fixed price

i just ordred some chicken with bamboo and mushrooms
but they don't give you rice free
it's another 2€ and i don't like white rice anyway
so i just had the main meal and tea
but cheap
and i headed out of there
just as Antonio finished lunch
i told him i was heading to the roman theater now, because it was about 2 and it was free
so i would be home after that
"oh, ok"
he said, incredulously...

the place was beautiful
very restored
but done well...
over a thousand years old, ya know
right there
just right there on the ridge in town
shortly after walking in
i so admired the brick and stone work floors
that i took off my sandals so i could feel the texture
it was a joy to walk on
to walk around
up along the walls

beautiful garden areas
surprising the japanese by walking off the main path
the father followed me and his wife yelled at him, begging him to stay on the main path:
but it all leads to the same place

up on the top
newly-weds were having their pictures taken..
one of the photographers was a big beautiful bearded mafioso type
i snapped a few of him
and stared out over the city..
the bay: i'd not even seen this yet!
the beautiful sea stretching out...

but this is enough
it's fucking hot.

i get back down into the dark tight streets
and amble back to Antonio's house..
taking neighborhood pictures
arriving at the house tired and hot

just a moment
before we're back out the door to the beach

The Beach!

laying in the sun
again so beautiful
though i can feel my face is burning
from walking in the sun
and now laying here
i look around
and there are so many beautiful men
i pick up a smooth stone
rub it
and go for a walk to enjoy the bodies...

- i was surprised i could skip a stone on the sea -

i've never been good at doing it anyway
haven't tried in years
and here
with such waves
i thought there was no hope
but there: three jumps before she sinks
well, easy as that
just make it happen

i walk along the beach
and come to a fat furry man holding his belly out over the ocean
not looking at me

he's sitting with two other bears
oh, bears
hi guys

they don't make eye-contact
they are bears
and i
am not.

i smile
walk past
walk a while
look at the other bodies
walk back
and enjoy the bears bodies again
then lay down

now Antonio goes for a walk
and i start my yoga

palpable today
more people on the beach
the young queers
the older ones walking by
and by again
and by again
no bears
but they're all looking

i spend some time in the wheel
it's good

it's good.

but Antonio comes back and just can't help talking about
how i'm the talk of the beach
aren't i always
they don't want to have sex with me
but look
isn't that amazing

isn't i?

Antonio is ready to go again

so we head off to head home
but i say, "wait! i want to check out the forest"
so he drives me over to the sex forest
says have fun

i walk in
and it's a nice tight forest with windy paths
but it's all litter
tons of trash

i don't get these queers
why let everything drop?
the cans? the plastic wrappers? the condoms?
all the fucking tissues they use to wipe their cum up..

this place is polluted
not healthy...

i encounter a car
two people are making out
i walk up to look closer:
it's a young straight couple
they look pissed
i back off
another car pulls up
it's one of the guys i saw walking the beach
we make eye contact
so he parks and comes into the trees
he walks to the other car first
this time the whippersnapper jumps out of the car and starts yelling at the faggot
and they're yelling back and forth
-- why get engaged in this shit?
i don't know
but it turns me off to that guy

when he does finally approach me
his body is covered in sun block cream
and he goes directly to wanting to suck my cock
and the minute he puts me in his mouth
i don't want it

i don't like him
i'm not attracted to him even surfacely
and i have Antonio
who i really like sexually and physically and...
fuck this
i nod him off
and walk out
returning to the car
and relating the story

Antonio smiles
and says
"that's about it"

we head home
and get in the shower
washing eachother

then he soaps up my butt
and starts fucking me in the shower
this hasn't happened for years
and i'm so happy to have him
all the sun in our bodies
the cold of jumping in the ocean
scrubbing eachothers' backs
he stops
we wash eachother more
we kiss again
he enters again

this goes on for a long time
the playing
the bathing
the enjoying

the connection is great
it's that standing up again
the way i have been wanting it
and i can feel the flow between us
his desire
my desire
how they meet

how we meet...

he told me his partner only wanted to get fucked
and he only likes being a top
so that's top / bottom
and how they can come together
to nourish both


so we fall into bed to cuddle for a while afterwards..

and yeah
he's gotta be off to dinner with the family
sunday dinner
i assume

i eat the rest of the tomato salad he made me
then walk into the city myself to go get a kabab
and walk around the city at night

on the walk in i got some ice cream: much better than the place in town
some almond cream
some hazelnut with chocolate chunks
fucking brilliant...

and when i got in town
i headed back to the gardens...
Antonio had told me where the cruising area in town was
i thought i'd check it out..

but i didn't like it
beautiful hill-side park
but just young men
some hot young stud grabbing my butt
i don't want that
and i have Antonio

the kabab here is fucking excellent
the guy made me Ayran when i asked for it
they didn't have it mixed up
he just took a water bottle
went in the kitchen
and ... made it somehow
brought it back out to me and gave me the sandwich

the bread was perfect
the meat: succulent

i sat in the Plaza de la Merced
watching the people
the night
happy with my food
all happy

i walked to the other kabab shop across the way
it was cheaper
and interesting: not in bread but in a wrap
what would you call that here?
it was OK
but not as GOOD.

then i headed off walking home
singing a selection of The The songs to myself
oddly enough
where'd you come from, Matt Johnson?

here in Malaga..

i tell Antonio my tale of
cruising and kebab
and he admits: cruising is not really this thing

we head to bed and play some more
in bodies wrapt tight
i'm the one who gives up the ghost.


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