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dominic vine of the owls.



it'd be like this:

of the lord . the greatest effort . of the owls.
how would we say it?

the greatest effort of the Lord, guided by the owls?
manifest as the Owls?


= Owl 
in polish.
the town Niccolas Coppurnicus came from

some dinky place outside of Krakow

my father's Father's Parents came from there.

my surname is

family of owls.

when the idea of surnames came into use in europe
it took a while to get to poland (started in Britain) 
by the time it got to Poland
all the Folk took their names from Animals or Vegetables (my fathers's mother's mother was a Petrushca, her cousin a Peddish... which i don't know, but Petruscha is a Parsnip)
the Jews were named after Minerals; this convention was also used in Germany.

i didn't know this
growing up in bleached Indiana
beautiful land devoid of culture
when i asked what "Sowinski" was 
they said
"it doesn't mean anything. it's just a name. names don't mean anything"
knowing this to be false
i gave up using Sowinski until i could identify it.
a lover i had met gave me the name Vine
Muin, actually
from the Gaelic...
the Celtic Oghams
a druidic system of communication
calendar, sign language, magick, alphabet, numbers

i was obsessed with the Futhark for a few years...
the Scandinavian runic system
and my name was Nick/Nicky when i was a child
everything that was an N belong to me
Nintendo, etc...
with the Futhark, the letter N was "Nyd" : Limits (constrains, pain)
basically all about being a limited being... as i only wanted to be an infinite being
it was painful for me
and i felt like i needed to focus on it to learn to be a Good Human.

the symbol for Nyd is a vertical line with a diagonal going through it,  bottom right to top left

the symbol for the ogham Muin was the exact same symbol
the funny this is, the rest of the Futhark doesn't particularily look like that
but most of the oghams do
just lines intersecting in various ways
the druids would communicate through sign off their noses or shins...


when my lover randomly gave me the name of Vine
( i was being a bitch and making him come up with a name to call me )
i studied it
and found these similarities
as well as how Vine is multicoloured, always changing (the rest all have one colour they are)
and how it is not a parasite, like the Ivy, but doesn't ever grow on its own
the vine grows on larger trees
yet produces it's own fruit
over time
knits an entire forest together

and so
i do indeed love big vines in the forest
and this felt like the perfect metaphore for me....

for a while i was just Vine

everyone knew me as Vine

then just in Faery circles
but still
it stuck
and i took the name Dominic Vine 
those who knew me as Dominic knew that
those who knew me as Vine saw that
and the sowinski was forgotten about

until i met  a polish girl who explained that other stuff i already told you about
and then i was interested in it again
but how do i say it?

Dominic Vine Sowinski?


of the owls
much nicer, yes?
coz americans don't know what a Sowinski is...


the greatest effort of the lords, guided by the owls
is just too pretentious a name to use
so i mostly just use Dominic Vine
dominic vine of the owls 
in certain places sounds nice
don't you think?

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