dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

last day with Leo

but i didn't get it done
the ljbook page was fuct up somehow
having troubles contacting the lj servers
so i couldn't make the book
which is fine
because this day wasn't in there yet
and the two days previous..
and the two days after

what is a story about being with someone
when it's not capped by absence
which is a limit
a skin
which creates the body of a relationship
the time you spent with someone..

the last CD finished burning with a little "ding"
toast popped up

it was enough to wake Leo at 3:18
i flipped on the light
and it was normal
you know
time to go
he's getting dressed
i'm really fucking tired
the tired of sauna and alcohol and walking and traveling
and he's groggy
but he slept an hour
he's got his stuff together
getting it together
but i remember to give him an extra AIRBORNE for the plane
and change his SIM card back to the USA
and i have to get dressed
to walk him down to wait for the shuttle

he goes to the toilet
and the phone rings
15 minutes early.. but the guy is calling us
prattling on in spanish
i have no idea what he's saying
try to assure him
and hang up

off we go
out the door
down the stairs
the desk guy says something
says something
in his presence
i understand he's saying
that the shuttle can't park
so it just keeps driving around the block
so Leo rushes out
calls the elevator
i give the desk guy the key
he asks if i'll be coming right back
i say "yes"
and we head down

empty streets.
cop cars pass by
night people


i put on Leo's big coat
up his collar
furr in my view
he calls me Kenny

and here comes the shuttle

like tearing reality apart
he loads his stuff in the back
there are two other sleepy people in the van already
the driver is all business
i give Leo his coat
i give him a hug
and he climbs in
lights off
van pulls away


maybe i will go get a drink
or walk in the night air

i approach the turn for Infantes
and there is the same asian lady that was there hours ago when we were coming home from the bar
her card board boxes
plastic bag
crowning the can of beer or soda; candy bars
but this time it's not a friendly good night
this time she asks me in a meek way if i'd like

i say no
more with my body
and head towards the bar to see if it's still open.

to walk by that lady on the corner again at 4am

she's been standing there since 1
probably before
and how much longer?

she didn't have a computer to play with
south park to watch
Leo to cuddle with
she just stood there?
offering Cerveza y Comida to any passer-by?

i walked passed her
down the street
but the bar was closed
so i walked back
but this time
i rounded her
not looking at her
imaging her a kiosk... some building she was housed in, was she
was her card board box and plastic bag
headed up the street

i can sleep now.

lucky me.

but back in the hotel room
now with Leo gone
the whole place seems so strange
is it desperate or just foreign?
my stuff strewn around
the linoleum...

all in all and all in all

stick a bee's wax candle in an empty... water bottle
have a little flame to carry me to sleep.


no breakfast
rushing around
orange juice
Madrid: boring.
trouble finding sauna
convenience store
trouble finding dinner
incredibly cute
possessive guy still on the hunt
incredibly cute
south park

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