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Vertical Prose

May 19th, 2004

exhaling in love @ 10:54 pm

Current Mood: after a love drive through immense beauty
Current Music: Come Ye-Nina Simone-Ultimate Nina Simone

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Date:May 21st, 2004 03:21 am (UTC)

cheap cake

Cant sleep tonight. My life has been so busy... full of projects, and traveling.Trying to tame this ol Ma and Pa Kettle farm.
I miss you.
I have just read all your posts since Easter weekend.
It was so good to see you,to feel your healing touch.
Hunky Jesus...It was kind of like cheap cake.

So strange to be at the Mtn this Beltane.
There was loss without your there.
It was a sweet gathering,
Thought of you often during that time.
Goat and I visited a bit on Beltane.He said we sould chain you under his house and feed you nothing but meat.So Animalistic!! It sounded good that day.

Does the man make the music or does the music make the man?
Life can be such a dance.
Warm hugs, Clara

Vertical Prose