dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

last day in Prague

so we woke at 8 or something
something stupid
today we were gonna get out there and see some things
the St Vitus cathedral, pay the admission and see the tower and the crypt and the apse or whatever
see the palace
maybe st. agnes...
st. george..
i shoved food in my mouth
all the ham
Leo only ate cheese and bread
Friday of Lent, you know
i just felt
and i didn't really want to leave the room
didn't really want to do anything
so we're walking through the city
and it's beautiful
but there's about twice as many tourists today
they're bothering me more
-- i'm irritable.

walking over the Charles Bridge
Leo says "i don't want you to feel like you have to come along, if you'd rather stay in the room and write and go to the sauna, you can do that"
i thought about it

he wanted to visit the Infant of Prague again
to thank it for the miracle of the Czech boy he'd got last night
and to get more gifts for his friends back home..
holy cards...

we got into the church
and it was nice and quiet
i sat next to the statue
while Leo kneeled and prayed

in moments
the church filled up with italian tourists
all chattering
and taking pictures
with flashes
(though a sign outside implicitly forbid photos)

i went off to walk around elsewhere

a brother talking to some tourists in spanish
i got some holy cards
came back into the main church
and took some pictures
walking around
waiting for Leo to be done

he was
and we said goodbye...
the main reason i wanted to go back up to the cathedral was to climb the tower and see the "best view of the city"
but it was snowing
the day was hazy
and i felt lazy:
i headed back...
but didn't go over the bridge right away

i walked along the quay
watching the river
taking some pictures
the old bridge
the buildings
pretty amazing..

then back up the bridge
and over
and through the streets
capturing some more faces
a perfect gnome

to the hotel
where i sat
and wrote a bit
but not journaling
just writing about wonderings and imaginings

then decided to go through all the prague pictures and edit all the figures i captured
the statues
the men

at about 14:45
i headed out to the sauna
wondering what married men i might find

right away
a hot daddy type

but of course
he wasn't interested in me
i sat in the sauna
and a boring ned-flanders kinda guy sat next to me
raising his eye brows in that suggestive way completely lacking subtlety

grabbed my dick
i went down stairs with him
another guy i couldn't do much too
too excited
but didn't want to cum
just about ready to leave him
he decided to give up the seeds
ah... alright
i held mine in

back up stairs
i sat in the jacuzzi a bit
then the steam room
a big hairy czech man took me in his arms
lay me down on the tile benches
and cuddled, fondled, touched me all over
lots of hugging, connecting
but no orgasm
lots of playing
but he didn't want to go down stairs with me


i saunaed a while
i went downstairs
watched that hot daddy who didn't like me
watched him jacking off in the porn room

some italian came in
and ... asked me ... to follow him
in the cabin
he was on me 1000mph
so fucking hungry
i just lay back and let him batter him self against me
no not really
but there was little space for me to do anything
-- it was obvious he wanted to fuck me
but had no patience
moving too fast
just pushing his cock against my ass, never near getting inside
i came
he came

in the stillness afterwards
no eye contact
more sauna
just sweat it out
i don't really need to be here
simple enough
some yoga

a shower

sitting in the jacuzzi room
talking to Mirek
that nice old tall big furry czech
still wouldn't go downstairs with me
but friendly
sweet man

nice conversation

i see some stocky pit-bull looking guy go into the steam room
but i'm done
i'm not following him
i imagine what he's doing in there

many people go in and out
but i don't see him leave

after a while
i'm curious
so i go in

someone grabs me and pulls me to the back
not into sex
but he holds me
rests his head against my belly
lays me down
cradles me
calls me "little boy"
what is this?

he takes me by the hand
and takes me down stairs

a nice czech daddy

down stairs
he chooses a cabin with no lock
so moves to one with a lock
and we start playing
it's a fun interaction
he's leading me to do things to please him
then doing things to please me
back and forth

but then
someone's pushing at the door
and he let's them in
-- suggests i suck their dick
so we're three waying
in many ways
then that guy leaves
and another comes in
and the daddy is close to cuming
but doesn't want to

that other guy leaves
and the daddy tells me to stop

takes me by the hand
out of there
we walk around a bit
takes me into another cabin
we play again til he's close

this happens twice

he needs a break
so he goes up to get a drink
and though he's hot
i've had enough
what am i doing here?
i have other things to do.

i go and sauna
thank you
shake it out

rest a moment

back to the hotel
i remember there are things i wanted to do
i go out to find a farmacy
not hard to find
i ask them for Psyllium husk
we have to do some miming and re-prounciations
but he has it
i walk across the street to the Tesco
-- i've never been in a Tesco... i've only ever seen them in the CD booklets of Throbbing Gristle.
it's a fucking madhouse

i walk around and check out the czech food

but i just want water for the trip tomorrow
and a lemon:
tomorrow i'm fasting.

i have to wait in line 20 minutes to buy them
no problem
back at the hotel around 6
Leo is there

we talk
tell eachother our day
then go out to find something to eat

it's kinda frustrating
to walk by places

i let Leo choose a place
we're both starving
this place has a good menu...
isn't too expensive

but the decor is terrible
"it's an old person restaurant"
Leo says
"nice, no smoke and it's not loud"
but it's playing terrible terrible back ground music
what the fuck is that?
lite rock?
smooth jazz?
i'm choking on it
and there is a loud New York Jewish lady bitching at her husband across the room
i want to vomit
Leo asks me why i can't ignore things
i don't know
but i never have been able to
.. i think that's part of my super ability
i can't sit and listen to shitty background music
... i explain to him Thom Yorke's theory on how most music is just Fridge Buzz
and Leo says "yeah, you just ignore it... that's why they call it 'background music' "
but i've never been able to ignore Fridge Buzz
many places i've stayed on my own
i unplug the mother fucker so i can sleep.
[wow, my mac didn't have "fucker" in its dictionary... i told it to Learn the Spelling]
the lyric from "Planet Xerox" echoes through my head
"why can't you forget it?"

the food is good
i eat some Wild Boar with Rose Hip sauce

but am jumpy to get the fuck out of that terrible death-trap of a restaurant as quick as possible.

we stop by the hotel so i can pick up my computer
and head to the internet cafe down the street

we rent one of their computers to print our ticket for the Ferry
and Leo does his email
i sit at mine
trying to make all my contacts
post journal entries...
figure out train times for tomorrow..

the place closes at 22:00
so i don't have much time
i walk up stairs
and Leo's just finished his apple strudel
still drinking his wine..

we got locked into the courtyard area the cafe was in..
but eventually find our way out
back to the hotel
we pack
while i put on some music on my computer

we're both thankful for some good music in the room
while we pack pack

and our neighbors come in
a bunch of loud kids staying next door
oh no!
but they're just there a moment
it's St Patrick's day
they're going back out for festivities...

we're packed
and get to sleep shortly after midnight.

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