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Vertical Prose

March 18th, 2006

wondering about reality shifts and destinies @ 02:23 pm

it's not about looking for them in the papers
to see what's become of their lives

i don't suspect to see them on the internet or TV
that could be a symptom
but it wouldn't be what i'm looking for

i want to peel back the veil
pull back the curtain
stick my head through
and see what they've become

are they grand wizards in the world behind the world?

shaky bodies here in this world


following music
like Eli, the Human
is that a waste of time

what do Nayland's eyes see?
what do Robert's eyes see?

when i sit back and feel my body surge into the fullness of reality
could i reach out my hand and pull back the curtain?
how can i get there?
i'm here
where am i?

in those ghostly LSD days
did those faces of "trevis" and "sheridan" continue on?
have they left those bodies?

i saw a boy in the sauna last night
he said
"you're familiar... we've met before"

i thought for a minute
and saw he was the same guy as Michael i met in Switzerland.. where was that? Zurich or Bern?
he was the same
beautiful heart
strong energetic body
some connection to me
but how?
i don't want to spend time with him

who am i?


i know that there are many layers to realities
and to think that my brother and syster are living on
excelling in the world i've forgotten
or lost touch with
while i am meandering around in this virtual physical world that i know is transient
and more affected by that other world than even this one
that painted curtain in the church...

perhaps i am living in both
-- i would like that
but to be more adept
to be more adept...
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Date:March 19th, 2006 12:32 am (UTC)


I see you are wandering through Europe. You have a great blog and look like a very special person, if you come to Barcelona, pls let me know. Id love one of your massages!
Steve (hstephenphillips@hotmail.com)

Vertical Prose