dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

...sort of day

because we were out late last night
it was even harder to wake up this morning

that being said

i had to be awake
something pulled
earlier than lately

at 9

i drank water
went to the WC
drank more water
and came back...
to write.

we ate some breakfast
today being the first day we were called on our shit for not delivering the breakfast tray to the hall table by 11, which is the hotel's request
i made a sandwich for later
of all the meat
and the two slices of thick dark bread.

around noon
a guy i had talked with from the internet in NY came by
as fate would have it
he is teaching and studying here
a professor of ancient languages
had a lot of interesting things to say
though i would swear his name should have been Chris

Leo and i were groggy
having not really eaten breakfast
and being slightly hung over
what is this that makes us so tired?

we went for lunch at a typical czech place
had standard beer
goulash with dumplings:
today is the first day i've seen bacon dumplings
everything seemed sticky

i put my glasses on so i could look at the czech men
Leo commented a few days ago on how much style people have here
and it's true
like the turn of the last century in London or something
that grey mustache that cuts into the sideburns
these people...

the conversation quickly turned to how shitty the world is
you know
the politics
the money
the pollution on the planet
the apathy
all that shit we're sick of hearing
sick of saying

_ made a joke as he left the table " i'm off to take my prozac "

we walked around the Jewish Quarter
Leo complaining he didn't want to walk today
so everything was even more slow

places kafka lived
and yes
though he was czech
he wrote in german
which made sense of my confusion
i've realized over the last few days how much my litery tastes were formed by eastern europeans
but i forgot Kafka was Czech... coz i remember him having written in german

he had is reasons
i was told

everything was at an odd angle today

we walked around
and i became fascinated by textures
falling out of attention with both Leo and _
taking pictures of rotting walls
crumbling buildings
and beautiful decorations

i thought of Arthur
and how much he would like all this art deco... and art neuvo
it's all that chintz, but with so much more class and life
like everything translated into simple consumer items in the US
these idols who gave birth to tsotchies
(i don't think i spelled it right even now... but i'm at an internet cafe and don't have my resources)

we headed back to the old town square
just in time for me to buy some flourite beads
then see the astronomical clock go off at 4
... nothing too impressive
but the crowds...
aside from being paranoid of pick pockets
some girls asked if they could pose with me for a picture

i let them.

we said goodbye to _
and i took my lap top to a local internet cafe (this one, actually)
because they have WiFi
i posted a few things i wrote of the last two days in Berlin
but i haven't yet wrote the days of prague
but for this one...

because after that
i rushed to find a movie theater

... a few days ago i found a flyer for films in March
luckily enough
a film by Jan Švankmajer called

was playing
with english subtitles

i saw many of Švankmajer shorts and a few features when i was younger
but it's been years..

an old friend coming back with Mercury

i was transfixed...

like the brothers Quay's "Institute Benjamantana"
it was a horror film of self consciousness
lost in confusions
people with strong beliefs battering the protagonist
who is mostly just being washed around by the waves of his hopelessness

what was the story saying?

something about the extremes of all our living
... i can't say i fully understood
i was made to feel uncomfortable (by the De Sade scenes as much as the Animated Meat.. .and the Sanitorium scenes)

which is odd for me
as i usually feel complete comprehension from even the strangest of movies
but this one
i didn't know exactly what he was saying

something about the body
how we get packaged and controlled
beaten down and destroyed
losing ourselves
and being turned into pieces of animated meat?

something like that
and my own urges were pulling me to the bath house

many points in the movie i wanted to masturbate

and even now
i don't feel horny
i wanted to come and write a bit
but my body is pulling me
whatever bodies do that for

whatever bodies do...

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