dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

day to berlin

trying to keep all the days organized can be rough!

but i'm feeling much better now
i woke with such a strange feeling...
was it something from a dream?

i was embarrassed...
did i wet the bed?
did i have a wet dream?
what happened? was i cover in snot?

cold sweat

what is it all the time with all this sweating?

i need to sort out all this body stuff that's going on with me

i rolled out of bed and went down for the shower
then into the small sunny room where the computer has been
crooked into the corner 'just so' to get a WiFi signal
wrapped up some communications
Leo came down
we emailed his friend in Berlin that we would be staying with
then i closed it down
ran up stairs and finished packing my things up
stripped the beds
emptied the garbage
took down the dishes and the trash
walked (at a fast pace)
down the Ruysdalestratt, past Sebastian's to where that guy Richard used to live... which is now three buildings of Squats. Good for them
i gave them my orange shirt and green wool pants
then to the corner baakerij and got twee wolnuten tartepuntjes und twee guvele koeken (because they're my favourite) for the road... er, rails.

back to the house
i ran upstairs (pacing myself) for my bags
quick look around to make sure...
then down to give hugs and say goodbye

out the door

towards the train
then i remembered i needed some water
and it'd be much cheaper from this little store than on the train
Leo chastised me
but i didn't listen
i went in
looked around...
Found the Spa Blau
paid (one euro thirty five)
as the tram turned the corner and headed for the platform

i ran

and made it.


all uneventful from there on
catching my breath
mwa mwa mwa

on the train now
as the flat flat flatness of holland rolls by
snow covered in the east
lakes frozen

few trees
the old buildings
not so much tourist and money flow
more moss
more decay...

other places
more sunlight!

and the quiet hum of the train
that makes me feel like i'm almost flying
... or constantly falling
(i'm sitting backwards watching it all recede)


we passed out of the sunshine
into a huge snow storm
big leafy flakes
passing by so fast
looked almost like tv static over the image...


when the train moved very slow through a birch forest
green moss on limbs
huge flakes wafting slowly down
i ached for my camera
too late


now somewhere east of Hannover
rocketing through a countryside covered in snow
deep in grey
though i still expect it to be sunny and bright
it looks like it's almost night

the snow is falling hard...

the houses are bigger
almost like suburbs

i love how everything looks
and i wonder if it's because trains will never go into a suburb's culdesacs..
well maybe light rail
but this fast
floating train
it isn't connected to anything societies viscera
it pumps cells from heart to heart

it makes everything look exciting...

even still
the birch trees and mossy green limbs...

--------- 15:30 ---------

white fields against white birch

---------- 15:48 --------

we arrive in Berlin around 17:30
get off the train
and before we can even try and figure out how to make the UBahn ticket machine work
a nice (very tall) german boy is helping Leo
(ah, it's good to travel with him, my elderly grandpa)
giving him directions in english
buys two week-long tickets for us! (with our cash, of course)
but then we're down stairs
up stairs
across the street
back in the same place
down stairs
around the corner: THERE it IS
the U2 line to Wittenburgplatz: where we're staying.

one stop
no problem
we walk out
cross the street
and wait by the gay weiner stand

Deiter meets us
they hug
and he lives a block away
one flight up

we go in
throw our stuff down in the bedroom

advancements in the story:
Deiter has got a boy friend (in the last two weeks)
so won't be needing private time with Leo
well well
and his boy friend is CUTE!
they met at a funeral.

he doesn't speak english, but he smiles nice...

after he leaves
we go out for a walk with the dog
to a place that translates as "high way rest area"
and have a nice dinner
-- i eat curried lamb schank
holding the bone
i rip the grizzle with my teeth

i love restaurants!

this neighborhood is gay-ground-zero
there are a million bars in every direction
a bunch of saunas
constant cruising in the summer, i bet
not too far from the Teirgarten, big park where there's lots of park sex with the warmer weather...

so we see all the bars we might like
and bars we should avoid (hustlers... but ok)
then back at the house
i give Tony, Deiter's dog, a massage
he loves it
and we're friends (ie: he won't leave me alone)

tomorrow Deiter is getting another dog, Ramseys
a huge black new found land
who's full grown
Tony is an old english sheep dog, and just a puppy
but everyone on the street is afraid of him coz he's so big

not some little city dogs here, no
dogs made for cold weather!

we've had a long day
so Leo and i turn in early...

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