dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

simple walking round berlin

it takes a long time to turn life into words

i woke
wrote for a while about yesterday's experience
then ate rolls with butter and cheese and meat
some tea
and my last walnut tart from Amsterdam

good breakfast

it looked sunny out side..
Leo an i went out
jumped on the Ubahn
and headed to Postdamerplatz...

in the film "Wings of Desire"
this platz was just a grassy field with a little monument
and what looked like high-ways all round it
but it was probably just... the Wall.

now it is all built up
i was astounded..

big buildings
entertainment complexes...
artful burm built and held into shape by re-bar...

Leo an i walked down a side street behind some buildings
still had a piece of the wall up...
an old watch tower...

an old building
partially destroyed/restored bland... the old part very Grecco...
compared against this small desperate and sad
tiny box cafe filled with people
watch tower outside
falling apart
little holes for guns.

threatening to kill people is a perfect way to make a perfect society, don't you think?

piles of rubble lying around

not much of this anymore in Berlin
the city is being rebuilt and cleaned up
-- glad i got to see a little of it

we got back on the uBahn and headed up to Prinzlauerberg to meet Rolf
a kid i didn't entirely remember
but when i saw him
i remembered having met him in Cologne
walking around a lake
a friend of a friend (of a friend)
he said i could stay with him if i needed to
so we'd kept in touch

Leo was off on his own
so Rolf and i walked around town
took a Ring train to the north part of town
climbed a hill
looked out over the city

spreading out in all directions

then walked down into town
past another monument to the wall
huge steel walls
with the cement ones between
i jumped up to see the space
ripped my hand a bit on the concrete
(glad there was no barbed wire)


then into nice commercial streets, ja...

we went into a free store
commercial free zone!
all sorts of stuff
for free...
i didn't need anything right now
(just a warmer hat... they didn't have one)

we went and had a Showarma
the boy selling them kept telling me i looked like Don Juan
did he mean
Di Marco?
the guy from the Casteñeda books?
he didn't make it clear...
the showarma was good... but it was chicken.

we went from there to the Ubahn to Alexanderplatz
huge radiotower
didn't feel like paying €8 to go up it
so we walked through the big square
old buildings
where the old castle used to be
now the socialist parliament building ... which is being torn down
we walked behind it
where they had exposed the foundations of the castle
... still old tile work
underground hallways...

down the river Spree
past the huge Paramon Museum
a guy was selling hats
ah! the Northern Pakistani Rebel hat!
it's the hat i was looking for
and here he was selling them for €20 ...
i talked him to 15... and he offered me another interesting felt hat
that came to a point on top
and had a huge flap that folded down to cover the neck: more a desert hat
and with a huge communist red star on front
i didn't really want that
but it was interesting.

at this point
it was getting dark
and i was tired

we walked past a huge artist collective
then i got on the train
said goodbye to Rolf
and switched back to the U2 line to go back to Deiter's...

Leo was there
the dog tried to fuck me as soon as i got in
-- ah, love..

i sat only a moment
then left again to go meet someone i'd met on line

sweet man
we talked and cuddled and played for a bit
then he made me ham&eggs for dinner
but the TV was on
so i left pretty quickly
and just walked back home
coz it wasn't very far
but i only found it by accident:
i saw a handsome man turning out of a street
so turned to see where he came from:
it was the bear bar!
just a few blocks away from Deiter's

so i sat and had a drink
but it was dead in there
then went back

watched a bit of Popeye with Leo
then went to sleep...

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