dominicvineoftheowls (dominicvine) wrote,

tour the city, you tarte

This Morning
nice waking up
slept very well
feeling very good this morning.

sat in bed for a while

writing emails
writing journal entries
trying to catch up on all the days i missed when i was sick.

around 11
i sat to have breakfast with Leo
we were supposed to leave around 1 to go on a tour with Dieter and Friedel
we're slow lazy
Dieter and Friedel arrive shortly after noon
we're eating
i guess i won't be finding an internet cafe today to post all these journals...

they take the dogs out
we clean up the kitchen
and head out

walk up
and get on the 100 bus

ride through the Teirgarten
you know
that's like a Zoo
Animal garden..
with the victory column
you know
that beautiful gold angel Damiel would sit on...
we ride by her in the bus
we go to the Reischstag
they burnt it
it worked once
worked again

the crosses on the river side
whey they were shot/drowned
your goverment making you a prisoner does not mean "i love you"
the wall cuts through the streets in cobble stones
there are more crosses over there
more dead

the brandenburg gate was in the dead zone
the hotel
the american embassy
the gate sauna?

we walk down the street
all the snow
i pose with the big berlin bear
make a joke out of it
stick my nose in his crotch

through the city!
had taken a class to be a tour guide
he's let it slide
so he's brushing himself up
showing us around town

he takes us the place he'd taken the classes
shows us the way the city used to be before it got destroyed
by the nazis
by the allies
by the russians

poor city
all these holes
all these good ideas
all these forgotten dreams

something in the future

to the place they burned the books...

this city has had plenty of bad ideas too

and such history!

the old guard house from a few hundred years ago
now just a lonely statue under a hole in the ceiling
snow falling in dramatically on her
mother holding her dead son
all those who died in war and tyranny


we stop for a coffee
beautiful tarts/tortes

through the city
the city
all the snow falling
we don't really want to be out in this
take pictures of eachother..
walk Leo by where i got my hat yesterday
he buys one
we have rebel hats together...

then down back to the S bahn station
back to the house
time for some rest

i sit and write for a few hours
while Leo naps
while Dieter cooks
i finish writing about all those days nearly forgotten
journal all written
eating chocolate
drinking rooibos tea
SMS coming in on my phone
it's Coco Pierre
so we make it work
he'll come for dinner too

and dinner is a tuna casserole
the four of us
Leo and Dieter, Coco and vine
the conversation goes to the amazing
the stories of NYC in the '70's
the stories go on through three bottles of wine
goes on past midnight
berry torte
mine shaft
the difficulty of the german language
how Jean Michel Ulrich knew Nayland way back when? and how is Philip?
and the belt tightening on how small the world is

Dieter has talked on the phone
taken the dogs for walks
it's late
we're tired
Coco goes home
we lay down
i decide to put my head in the north
we go to sleep


which lasts a while
how long does that last?
i don't know
but i wake up
and go to sit on the toilet
and turn around
and vomit pink for a while
all that wine
all that berry tart


it's good to vomit sometime
so says my body

i didn't need that anyway
i need a good sleep.

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